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Choosing the right city bike is an essential step for anyone who lives in the city or regularly travels through urban areas. In our search for the best city bike, we conducted an extensive test in which we paid attention to several important aspects. Comfort, durability, ease of use, and the presence of practical features such as a luggage rack and an easy-to-use gear system were central to our evaluation.

In our search for the best city bike , we not only looked at the technical specifications and design, but also at the way in which the bicycle contributes to our quality of life in the city. The aim of our test was to find a bike that is not only reliable and functional, but also adds fun and convenience to our daily routines.

The top 5 best city bikes at a glance

1. The Best City Bike of 2024: Wheelerz granny bike classic 26 inch matte black

The best city bike of 2024 is the Wheelerz granny bike. Thanks to This bike promises not only to be a stylish appearance in the urban landscape, but also a reliable and comfortable companion for everyday use. Below we share our experiences with this product, divided into the most important features.

Including Front Carrier & Crate
One of the most striking features of the Wheelerz Omafiets is the practical front carrier, combined with a sturdy crate. We have found this combination to be extremely useful for transporting personal items, groceries or even a backpack. The crate is spacious enough to safely transport various items, while the front carrier ensures a stable mounting, so that the bicycle continues to ride comfortably even with an extra load.

Shimano Coaster Brake
Safety is a crucial aspect when choosing a city bike, and the Wheelerz Omafiets Classic does not disappoint. Equipped with a Shimano coaster brake, this bike offers a reliable and intuitive braking system. During our testing, braking response proved both smooth and effective, even in wet conditions.

Adjustable handlebar and saddle
Comfort while cycling is just as important to us as functionality and safety. The Wheelerz Omafiets Classic meets this need with an adjustable handlebar and saddle. These customization options have allowed us to perfectly tailor the bike to our personal preferences and body measurements, resulting in an ergonomic and comfortable riding experience.

2. The Best Cheap City Bike: AMIGO Sturdy - Transport Bike

A bicycle is essential for a Dutch person. It is therefore not necessary to save money on a bicycle, but we remain Dutch. That is why we started looking for the best cheap city bike. The Amigo Sturdy is a sturdy bike and ideal for those who want to buy a good city bike, but do not want to spend too much money. View the advantages of the ideal bicycle below.

3 gears
One of the first aspects of the Amigo Sturdy that caught our attention was the 3-speed gear system. In practice, this turned out to be a true game changer for our daily commute. The gears shift smoothly and offer enough variation for comfortable cycling, regardless of the conditions.

3 Different Sizes Available
Another positive point that we would like to emphasize is the availability of the Amigo Sturdy in three different sizes. This aspect of personalization is something we particularly value. It allowed us to choose a bike that perfectly suits our height and riding style, resulting in a more comfortable and safer riding experience. It is clear that Amigo has thought about the diversity of cyclists and the need to offer a bicycle that meets different needs.

Front carrier & luggage carrier
The Amigo Sturdy also distinguishes itself by offering both a front carrier and a luggage carrier. The front carrier is ideal for carrying larger items that we prefer to have in front of us, such as a bag or a box, while the luggage carrier is perfect for attaching extra bags or other items.

3. The Best City Bike Women: Goetze Mood aluminum frame women's bicycle

Women would like to buy a city bike that cycles well and looks stylish. The Goetze Mood is the perfect city bike for women. Compared to electric city bikes, this bike is more user-friendly, for example, you do not have to charge the battery.

Furthermore, this bicycle makes a huge difference in price compared to electric bicycles. The appearance of the bicycle is one of the reasons why we found this type of city bike best for women.

Attractive Appearance and Different Colors
From the first moment we were charmed by the attractive appearance of the Goetze Mood women's bicycle. The retro vintage design combined with the modern aluminum frame creates a unique look that embraces both classic and contemporary elements. Furthermore, the bike is available in different colors, giving you the opportunity to choose a bike that perfectly matches your personal style.

Useful Accessories
One aspect of the Goetze Mood women's bicycle that particularly appealed to us are the useful accessories that contribute to the comfort and functionality of the bicycle. The deep entry makes it easy to get on and off, which is especially useful in busy city traffic or when wearing skirts or dresses. In addition, the bicycle is equipped with a basket with padding, which is not only aesthetically pleasing but also practical for safely transporting personal items or groceries.

7 gears
The Goetze Mood women's bicycle is equipped with a Shimano gearbox with 7 gears, a feature that we have tested extensively. These gears provide a wide range that suits different types of terrain and conditions, from flat city streets to slightly hilly roads. We found that shifting between gears was smooth and intuitive, allowing us to manage our effort efficiently and continue to drive comfortably, whatever the situation.

4. The Best Electric City Bike: Qwic Premium I-MN7.2

Owning an electric bicycle is becoming increasingly popular. The electric city bike is therefore something that could not be missing from our top 5. The Qwic Premium I-MN7.2 is a city bike that has a steel frame and wide tires that contribute to a sturdy bike. Thanks to high-quality steel and a robust frame, this bicycle is ideal for cycling to work, for example. View the full description below.

Powerful Support and Smooth Gears
The QWIC Premium i MN7.2 is equipped with a Bafang mid-motor that delivers an impressive torque of 65NM. This makes the bike ideal for both flat roads and challenging hilly landscapes. During our tests we experienced how the combination of the force sensor and rotation sensor provides seamless and intuitive support. The bike adapts effortlessly to our pedaling force and speed, resulting in an extremely comfortable riding experience.

Stylish Design with Integrated Battery

What is immediately noticeable about the QWIC Premium i MN7.2 is its elegant design. The battery is beautifully integrated into the frame, which not only gives the bicycle a luxurious look, but also contributes to better weight distribution. This integration also makes it easy to remove the battery for charging or storage.

Comfort and Ease of Use
The QWIC Premium i MN7.2 guarantees comfort, partly thanks to the suspension fork and seat post. These elements effectively absorb the shocks of uneven roads, making long journeys more enjoyable. The hydraulic disc brakes provide powerful and reliable braking performance in all weather conditions, which contributes to a safe feeling while cycling. The LCD display provides clear information about speed, distance, and battery status, making it easy to stay informed of the most important cycling data while riding.

5. The Best City Bike Men's Bicycle: AMIGO Bright - Men's Bicycle 28 inches

Finally, we discuss the best city bike for men. For men, gears quickly become unnecessary, but this is often underestimated. If you encounter a steep slope, it quickly becomes relatively difficult. It is then nice to use the gears to go up a hill more easily. Besides the gears there are some fascinating elements, check them out below!

Perfect for Long Bike Tours
The AMIGO Bright has proven to be an excellent choice for long bike rides. Thanks to the sturdy frame and comfortable riding position, we were able to enjoy our rides for hours without any discomfort. The three gears gave us the flexibility to adapt to different terrains and conditions, making the bike suitable not only for the city but also for adventure rides off the beaten track.

Affordable Men's Bicycle
One of the most striking features of the AMIGO Bright is its excellent price-quality ratio. This bicycle offers high quality and durability at an affordable price, making it accessible to a wide audience. Whether you want a reliable bike for everyday use or a versatile bike for recreational purposes, the AMIGO Bright meets the needs without breaking the bank.


User-friendliness is central to the AMIGO Bright. From the moment we stepped on, we noticed how easy and intuitive this bike is to use. The three gears shift smoothly and effortlessly, making cycling pleasant in different conditions. In addition, the lightweight frame contributes to the bike's overall agility and ease of handling, both while riding and when storing.

Frequently asked questions about the best city bike

What does city bike mean?

A city bike is specially designed for daily use in an urban environment, ideal for short to medium distances. These bicycles are sturdy, low-maintenance and often equipped with practical accessories such as luggage racks and integrated locks, aimed at comfort and convenience in the city.

What is the difference between a city bike and a touring bike?

The difference between a city bike and a touring bike lies in the intended use and equipment. A touring bike is designed for longer distances and comfort on varied terrain, with a lighter frame, multiple gears for different slopes, and comfort-enhancing elements such as a suspension fork and seat post. Touring bikes also offer options for attaching extra luggage, making them ideal for cycling holidays and long bike rides.

How fast do you cycle on a city bike?

The speed at which you cycle on a city bike depends on various factors such as your fitness, the terrain, the weather, and how heavily the bike is loaded. On average, people cycle on a city bike at a speed of about 15 to 20 kilometers per hour on flat terrain. In urban areas this may be lower due to frequent stops at traffic lights, intersections, and navigating heavy traffic.

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