Are you looking for the best navigation system? Read our extensive test now!

Are you looking for the best navigation system? Read our extensive test now!

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During our many travels, both within the city and beyond, we have delved into the world of navigation systems. We looked at things like route calculation accuracy, clarity of instructions, GPS connection speed, ease of use and even battery life. And believe us, not all navigation systems met our high standards! In this blog we share our findings and present the systems that steered us in the right direction time and time again. From unexpected diversions to the busiest city centers, discover with us which navigation systems really excel in reliability and performance!

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What do we think is the Best Navigation System?

After testing various systems many times, we conclude that the best navigation system is characterized by accurate route calculation, intuitive operation and consistent reliability. Every system in our blog meets these high standards, with some offering that little bit extra. Read below which car navigation/navigation systems we think would be an addition to your ride!

1. Menzo Navigation System 7 Inch – 2024 Model

When we first took the Menzo Navigation System out of the box, we were impressed by the sleek design. It felt sturdy and the finish was of high quality. We were looking forward to testing it in practice. Read our extensive review below!

Installation and connection: Installation in our test car was a piece of cake. We were especially pleased with how seamlessly the system connected to both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. During our test drives, several team members paired their smartphones, and it went smoothly every time.

Navigation in practice: The Menzo Navigation System performed excellently on the road. The routes were accurate and the directions clear. What really struck us was the responsiveness of the system, especially in urban areas with many turns.

Additional features: The ability to mirror the phone screen was a nice addition. On one of our longer rides we used this to control a podcast app that wasn't natively supported by the system. We also tried out the option to connect a dashcam, which provided an extra feeling of security.

Safety first: What particularly appealed to us was the voice control. This allowed us to operate the system without taking our hands off the steering wheel, which significantly increased safety while driving.

Conclusion: After extensive testing, we can say with certainty that the Menzo Navigation System 7 Inch – 2023 Model is a top choice for anyone looking for a reliable and advanced navigation system. It exceeded our expectations in almost every area, and we are confident it would be a valuable addition to any car.

2. ROADFLOW® Navigation System - 9.3 Inch - Built-in Dashcam

When unpacking the ROADFLOW Navigation System, we were immediately struck by the generous 9.3-inch screen. Compared to the Menzo, which was already impressive, this felt like watching a cinema screen in the palm of our hands.

The Ride and Connectivity: While the Menzo already surprised us with its connectivity, the ROADFLOW set the bar even higher. The built-in dashcam was an absolute game changer. During our rides we felt an extra layer of security, knowing that every second was recorded. And although both systems connected seamlessly to Apple Carplay and Android Auto, the screen mirroring on the ROADFLOW was that little bit sharper.

Features and Performance: The brightness of the screen, combined with the fast response time, made navigation a breeze. Compared to the Menzo, which already excelled in ease of use, the ROADFLOW felt like a step into the future. However, it was limited to cars with a flat dashboard, which was a minor drawback.

Conclusion: Although the Menzo had already won our hearts, the ROADFLOW certainly made it beat faster. With its advanced features and superior screen quality, it is a must-have for every car enthusiast. However, the limitation to flat dashboards means it's not for everyone. But for those who can use it, it's an absolute winner.

3. TomTom Start 62 - Europe

When we first got our hands on the TomTom Start 62, we were curious how this "simpler" model would compare to the more advanced systems. Here's what we discovered during our test drives:

Instant Simplicity: From the moment we took the TomTom Start 62 out of the box, we noticed its ease of use. Start-up and setup was child's play. During our drives through both urban and rural areas, our team praised the clear instructions and uncluttered 6-inch screen. The lane guidance was a godsend, especially in busy cities, so we never had any doubts about which exit to take.

Always Up to Date: One of the highlights of our testing experience was discovering the lifetime map updates for Western Europe. This gave us the confidence that we always had the most up-to-date route information at hand, without worrying about outdated maps or unexpected diversions.

Value for Money: While the TomTom Start 62 may not have had the most advanced features of our test models, we were impressed with its value for money. For the price, it offers all the essential navigation features you need for everyday driving and even longer trips. Our team especially appreciated the simplicity and directness of the device, which makes it ideal for those who just want to get in and go without too much hassle.

Conclusion: After extensive testing, we believe the TomTom Start 62 is a solid choice for those looking for a no-nonsense navigation system. It offers reliable navigation, clear instructions and the assurance of lifetime map updates. While it may not have the extra bells and whistles of some high-end models, it does exactly what it says on the tin and does it well. For us it is a top choice for daily use and reliable navigation.

Frequently asked questions about the best navigation system

What are the most important features I should look for when choosing the best navigation system?

When choosing the best navigation system, some crucial features to look out for include map updates, screen size, usability, connectivity options (such as Bluetooth and WiFi), and any extras such as traffic information and lane guidance.

How often should I update my navigation system?

The frequency of updates varies by brand and model. Some systems offer lifetime map updates, while others require regular updates. It is essential to keep your navigation system up to date for the most accurate route information.

Is it better to have a built-in navigation system in my car or buy a portable model?

Both options have their advantages. Embedded systems often offer seamless integration with your car's dashboard, while portable models offer flexibility to move between different vehicles. The choice depends on your personal preference and needs.

How do free navigation apps on smartphones differ from specific navigation systems?

While free navigation apps can be useful, dedicated navigation systems often provide a more detailed and reliable navigation experience. They are also less dependent on mobile data and operate in areas with weak mobile reception.

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