This is the best way to clean your screen!

Okay, honestly? How often do you look at your laptop, tablet or phone and think, "Man, that thing got dirty"? And admit it, we've all tried to wipe away those fingerprints with our sleeve, right? But there is a better way! In this blog I will tell you how to make your laptop, tablet and phone shine again. So, ready for a makeover of all your screens? Let's get them radiant again together!

Just a quick thing before we start. Whether you are going to take care of your tablet, laptop or smartphone: turn off your equipment first. And no, leaving it in the charger is not a good idea either. Why? Well, moisture and electricity are not best friends. Safety first!

  • A dry microfiber cloth . Why? They are gentle, but super effective. You really don't have to scrub like crazy; a little rubbing is enough. You also need much less cleaning supplies. Just a few sprays of cleaner and you're good to go. So, invest in such a cloth and your screen will thank you!
  • A cleaning cloth , cleaning spray, or a plant sprayer with water. Please note that the cleaning agents are specialist cleaning agents intended for this purpose, so that you do not damage your screen.

This is how you clean your screen:

  1. Take a dry, lint-free microfiber cloth to remove dust from the screen. Move in lanes with this.
  2. Then wipe the screen in straight strokes with a cleaning cloth. Repeat this until the screen is completely clean.
  3. Don't have a cleaning cloth? Then take a clean, lint-free microfiber cloth and spray it with cleaning spray or water. Be careful not to get the microfiber cloth too wet, 3 to 5 sprays is usually enough. (depending on the format). Use the same motion as with a cleaning cloth.
  4. Then wipe the screen with a clean, dry microfiber cloth to remove excess moisture.

Using a laptop stand can often ensure that your laptop becomes a lot less dirty. This is a handy solution to prevent a lot of dirt. View the entire range of laptop stands from R2B store here!

Your screen should now be completely clean again. Now that you're done, you can turn your device back on, plug it in, or charge it.

Do you still have questions about this subject? Then take a look at the FAQ I created below.

Frequently asked questions about cleaning screens:

1. For which devices is this cleaning routine suitable?

The best sports watch of 2023 depends on your individual needs and preferences. However, models such as the Garmin Forerunner 245 and the Polar M430 have received high ratings for their advanced features and reliability.

2. Can I clean my screen with, for example, a kitchen roll?

No, you can damage your screen with this. Therefore, always use a microfiber cloth.

3. Can I spray the cleaning spray directly on the screen?

I recommend not doing this. This can destroy your device.

4.Can I dry the screen with a hairdryer?

Can I dry the screen with a hairdryer?

5. Where can I buy microfiber cloths?

6.Where can I buy cleaning spray suitable for cleaning screens?