Why Do Cyclists Shave Their Legs?

Cycling is a sport where every second counts and every detail can contribute to performance on the road or track. One of the most notable habits among cyclists, both amateur and professional, is shaving their legs. This practice, which is almost as old as the sport itself, raises the question among many: "why do cyclists shave their legs?" Is it purely aesthetic, or are there practical reasons that justify this practice? In this blog we delve into the fascinating world of cycling to answer these questions.

Why do cyclists shave their legs?

It is a common sight in cycling: cyclists with clean shaven legs. But why do cyclists shave their legs? This custom, which is so deeply rooted in cycling culture, goes beyond purely aesthetic reasons. Let us examine the practical, traditional, and scientific evidence that explains this phenomenon.

Shaved legs offer aerodynamic benefits

One of the most cited reasons why many cyclists shave their legs is the search for better aerodynamics. The cyclist creates a lot of air resistance, so close shaving is theoretically a good way to reduce this resistance. Although the scientific evidence on the exact impact of shaved legs on speed is mixed, most cyclists believe that even the smallest reduction in drag can improve their performance during aerodynamic cycling. This isn't just about the physical benefits; Seeing bare legs in the mirror or muscular calves showing off without the disturbance of all the hair can give a psychological boost.

Legs shaved help with care and recovery

Another important reason for cyclists to shave their legs has to do with health and hygiene. Smooth legs make it easier to clean wounds after a fall, while stones stick more easily to a shaved leg. This reduces the risk of inflamed hair follicles and ensures that the skin remains shaved and clean, free of dirt that can remain dirty after a ride. Moreover, if hair pulling is required, smooth skin is much more accessible to treatment and care.

Why do cyclists shave their legs?

Massage and Care

Physiotherapists' massaging hands glide much more smoothly over smooth legs, making leg shaving a practical consideration. For cyclists who regularly undergo massages to care for their muscles, shaved legs can make the process more enjoyable. Oil and lotion adhere better to shaved legs, which actually ensures more effective treatment and recovery.

Shaving legs is tradition and professionalism

Besides the practical considerations, there is also an aesthetic and traditional component. When you see bare legs under shorts, with the veins showing off beautifully, it appeals to the imagination of many cyclists themselves. Cyclists' shaving their legs contributes to a polished, professional appearance, a symbol of dedication to the sport. Many euros spent every year on the latest cycling clothing and accessories are complemented by careful care of the body.


So, why do cyclists shave their legs? It is clear that this tradition has considerable value, both in terms of performance improvement, hygiene, care, and aesthetics. Whether it's the pursuit of a little prevention against skin problems or simply a preference for the feeling of smooth legs under a little oil, shaving legs is an integral part of cycling culture. While long hair and a hairy leg or legs may offer more resistance to the wind. To ensure that you are less likely to fall while cycling, it is important not to be distracted by your phone. You can use a bike phone holder to keep your phone out of your hand!