How do I attach my anti-freeze blanket? Step by step explanation!

How do I attach my anti-freeze blanket? Step by step explanation!

As winter approached, I decided to test the effectiveness and usefulness of an anti-freeze blanket. I still remember the mornings when I had to get up early to scrape ice off my car windows. A time-consuming and cold job. But is an anti-freeze blanket really the solution?

The importance of an anti-freeze blanket in the winter months

During my tests I quickly discovered the importance of an anti-freeze blanket. Not only does it protect the windshield from ice formation, but it also prevents snow from accumulating. This means that you no longer have to scratch in the morning or wait for the heating to melt the ice. A simple action the night before can save you a lot of time and effort the next morning.

The challenges of properly attaching the blanket

While there are many benefits to using the blanket, I also encountered some challenges during my testing. Correctly attaching the blanket is crucial. An improperly secured blanket may blow away during the night or fail to cover the entire windshield, defeating its purpose.

Step-by-step: Attaching your anti-freeze blanket

1. Preparation:
Before you start, make sure that both your car's windshield and anti-freeze blanket are clean and dry. Dirt or moisture can prevent the blanket from adhering properly or can even freeze on the window.

2. Unfolding the blanket:
Remove the blanket from the packaging or storage bag and unfold it completely. Shake it out to remove any folds or creases.

3. Positioning:
Start by placing the blanket on the top of the windshield. Make sure the blanket covers the entire surface of the windshield, from one side to the other.

4. Attachment points:
Most anti-freeze blankets are secured by elastic bands, suction cups or magnets as attachment points. Pull the elastic straps over the side mirrors or attach the suction cups to the inside of the windshield. If the blanket has magnets, make sure they are securely attached to the metal frame of the car.

There are also many anti-freeze blankets that can be secured by placing on the inside of your door. Make sure you first secure one side properly and secure it inside the car. Then take the blanket over the windshield to the other side and repeat the action at the other door. You can then secure the blanket at the bottom with the windshield wipers. (see picture)

Attach the anti-freeze blanket step by step

5. Double check:
Walk around the car to check whether the blanket is properly secured everywhere. Pay particular attention to the bottom of the windshield; this must be well covered to prevent cold air from getting underneath.

6. Extra security:
If you live in a windy area, consider attaching additional weights or magnets to the bottom of the blanket. This ensures that the blanket stays in place, even during stormy nights.

7. After use:
When you remove the blanket in the morning, shake it out to remove any ice or snow. Fold it neatly and store it in the storage bag or in your car for next time.

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