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Phone holder Audi A3

Are you looking for a phone or tablet holder for the Audi A3? View all R2B Store options here!

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Phone holders Audi A3

✓ Free delivery within the Netherlands

✓ Ordered today, delivered the next working day

✓ Easy returns

Why a Phone Holder for Audi A3?

Drive safely

Safety always comes first. A phone holder allows drivers to make hands-free calls, use navigation, and receive traffic updates without taking their attention from the road. This reduces the risk of accidents due to distraction.

Audi A3 Specific Challenges

The Audi A3 is known for its sleek interior design and advanced connectivity options. A suitable phone holder should not only match the aesthetic feel of the interior but also be easy to use without interfering with the car's advanced functions.

Types of Phone Holders Suitable for Audi A3

Universal vs. Model-Specific Holders

Universal holders offer flexibility and are often cost-effective. Model-specific holders, on the other hand, provide seamless fit and integration with the vehicle.

Mounting options

  • Ventilation grille holders are easy to install and provide good visibility without obstructing the view of the road.
  • Dashboard holders provide a stable base but often require a more permanent installation. A strong magnet from a magnetic phone holder also fits in the Audi A3.
  • Windshield mounting offers excellent visibility and thanks to the smartphone holder you can.
  • Wireless charger holders combine functionality with convenience by charging your phone while driving.

Tablet holders Audi A3 at R2B Store

Do you want to ensure that your children have fun in the back seat during a holiday trip? Then choose a tablet holder car from R2B Store. The tablet holder is easy to place on the back of the headrest and the "Nijmegen" model is even adjustable. This way you can also share the tablet holder as children!

What to pay attention to when choosing a phone holder for Audi A3

Vehicle Compatibility: Ensure that the holder fits within the interior of the Audi A3 without obstructing controls or visibility. At R2B Store you will find a wide range of car phone holder that fit different types of mobile phones.

Phone Compatibility: Choose a mount that fits the size and weight of your phone, with easy access to charging ports and buttons. Many car holders from R2B Store are compatible with different smartphones. View the product pages to check whether your phone fits the holder.

Ease of use: Look for a mount that is easy to assemble and disassemble, especially if you use multiple vehicles. An Audi A3 phone holder for the ventilation grille has an innovative design that makes it easy to change between cars.

Installation tips for a Phone Holder Audi A3

Follow a step-by-step guide specific to your chosen phone holder model. A manual for the selected telephone holder can be downloaded from the product page.

Position the holder so that it does not obstruct the view and is easy to reach without unnecessary reaching. Try to imagine where the phone holder is best accessible for you.

Maintain your phone holder regularly to extend its lifespan. For example, clean the window or dashboard if you are going to use a phone holder with a suction cup.

A phone holder is more than a simple accessory; it is an investment in your safety and comfort while driving. By choosing the right phone holder for your Audi A3, you can enjoy a seamless integration of technology and design, making your driving experience safer. At R2B Store you can order phone accessories with easy installation and different types of mountings.