Peugeot 108 Phone holder

A phone holder is now indispensable for every driver. Discover R2B's wide range of phone holders, which fit seamlessly with your Peugeot 108 or any other Peugeot model!

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Peugeot 108 Phone holder

✓ Free delivery within the Netherlands

✓ Ordered today, delivered the next working day

✓ Easy returns

R2B Car phone mount - For window/dashboard - Model Beemster


R2B Car phone holder with suction cup - For window/dashboard - Model Purmerend


R2B Wireless Car Charger with suction cup - Phone holder - Model Alkmaar


R2B Car phone holder for window/dashboard/ventilation - Model Haarlem


R2B Magnetic car phone holder - For dashboard and console - Model Volendam


R2B Car phone mount with suction cup - For window/dashboard - Hoorn model


R2B Bluetooth Transmitter Receiver Car - Car Charger - Car Kit - Bluetooth Receiver Car


Large Collection of Phone Holders Peugeot 108

Looking for the perfect phone holder for your Peugeot 108? Search no further! Our webshop offers a wide collection of phone holders specially designed for the Peugeot 108. From universal holders that are suitable for every type of smartphone to specific models that fit seamlessly with the interior of your Peugeot 108. Discover our range and find the perfect match that not only keeps your phone safe while driving, but also contributes to the comfort and ease of use of your car.

Phone Holder Peugeot 108 Easy Install

Installing a phone holder in your Peugeot 108 has never been easier. Our phone holders are designed for effortless installation. Without tools and within a few minutes you can attach your phone holder firmly and stably. Whether you choose a dashboard or windshield mount, our detailed instructions will guide you through the entire process. This way you can quickly enjoy the convenience that our phone holders offer, without having to fear damage to the interior of your Peugeot 108.

Other Essential Peugeot 108 Accessories

Enrich your driving experience in the Peugeot 108 with our selection of essential accessories, specially formulated to increase your comfort and safety on the road. An essential addition to your collection is the Bluetooth FM Transmitters , perfect for streaming your favorite music or podcast directly from your smartphone to your car's audio system, without the need for complicated wiring or expensive upgrades.

Protect your Peugeot 108 against the elements with our practical anti-freeze blanket for the windscreen. This blanket not only prevents ice from forming on your windshield during cold winter days, but also saves you valuable time in the morning by eliminating the need to scrape ice. The R2B Anti-Freeze Blanket is multifunctional and can therefore also be used during the warmer months as a sunshade to keep the car cool and prevent UV damage. Each of these accessories has been carefully chosen to increase the functionality and comfort of your Peugeot 108, making them perfect additions to your car.

Peugeot 108 Phone Holder Order Online

Ordering a phone holder for your Peugeot 108 has never been easier. At R2B you can view the full range at your leisure and find the perfect phone holder for your Peugeot 108. With detailed product descriptions, customer reviews and clear photos, you know exactly what you are buying. Add the desired product to your shopping cart, complete the simple ordering process and your new Peugeot 108 phone holder will be sent directly to you. Enjoy fast delivery, high product quality and excellent customer service when you order from us.