Avoid traffic fines, use a phone holder!

Many people use the car every day. You may receive a call while driving or you may receive a message while driving. The temptation may be great to take a quick look at your phone, but a small moment of carelessness can have fatal consequences. No wonder the police enforce this strictly.

As of today (16-11-2020), the police are using a new toy to tackle offending drivers. This new technology, which uses special cameras, makes it easier for the police to catch texting drivers.

According to the Public Prosecution Service, the cameras take images from above diagonally downwards. The face is therefore not recorded, but the hands and license plate are. Only if the system suspects that a phone is being held will the photo be sent to the CJIB, where a BOA will then determine whether the driver is in violation. The cameras work day and night and in all weather conditions. The chance that you will receive a (justified) fine for holding your mobile phone is now a lot greater.

The benefits of using a phone holder

As the saying goes: 'prevention is better than cure'. The main reason for using a phone holder is that it is much safer. The phone remains firmly in the holder while driving, so it is no longer necessary to hold the phone in your hand. This leaves both hands free to steer and shift gears. Now when the call rings, you answer it and your eyes can focus on the road again. However, it is not recommended to read messages and emails while driving.

Another advantage is that the navigation on the phone is now easy to follow. Start the navigation before leaving and look at the screen every now and then while driving to follow instructions. Naturally, the phone holder must be mounted in a place where you as a driver still have a view of the road. It is recommended to stick the phone holder on the windshield and otherwise on the center console of the car (the higher, the better).

Using a phone holder not only prevents traffic fines, but also saves lives!

Various types of phone holders

There are many different types of phone holders for the car and there is a phone holder for every type of smartphone. With most holders, the phone is held by two or four adjustable legs. These legs contain a rubber part at the ends that prevent the phone from slipping. The big difference in phone holders is the way in which the holder is attached in the car.

Holder with suction cup suitable for the window

There are telephone holders that can be attached to the windshield using a sturdy suction cup. Click on this link for our favorite for the windshield.

Phone holder with suction cup suitable for dashboard

There are also telephone holders with suction cups that can be attached to both the windshield and the dashboard. These phone holders stick to the dashboard of the car. Click this link for our favorite .

Clickable phone holder

Finally, there are also telephone holders that can be attached to the cup holder or ventilation grille of the car. You 'click' this into place, as it were. Click on this link for a telephone holder that is attached to the ventilation grille.

Which phone holder ultimately suits you is of course a matter of taste. Are you stuck? Please do not hesitate to contact our customer service. A specialist will work with you to determine which phone holder suits you best. At R2B store we have several phone holders that are suitable for every type of smartphone. So it is possible for everyone to get on the road safely.