Cleaning Laptop Keyboard - This is the best way to clean your keyboard

cleaning keyboard

Nowadays we use the keyboard on our laptop or an externally connected keyboard every day. But few people take care to keep their keyboard clean. With the help of this blog you can clean your keyboard and ensure that your keyboard remains clean in the future.

What do I need to clean my keyboard?

To start with, it is important to have the right supplies with you. Make sure you have a cotton swab , soft microfiber cloth , a can of compressed air and possibly a keyboard cleaner. Once you have these items at home, you can skip buying a new keyboard. There are also special cleaning kits for your keyboard. View the best price for a keyboard cleaning set here.

Cleaning your keyboard in 3 steps

Did you know that a laptop keyboard contains on average 260 times more bacteria than a toilet seat. Our hands use it every day and our hands naturally touch a lot of things and therefore carry the most bacteria. In this step-by-step plan you will receive a clear explanation of how to thoroughly clean your keyboard.

Step 1: Hold the keyboard upside down

To start, disconnect the external laptop keyboard from your laptop. Then hold your laptop keyboard upside down. The largest pieces of dirt and dust will now fall out of the keyboard.

Step 2: Remove dirt from between the keys

Now that the largest pieces of dirt have fallen from the keyboard, it is also important to clean the smaller pieces of dirt between the keys. Using the compressed air spray can you can easily spray out the dirt between the keys. Using compressed air especially helps with stuck crumbs.

Step 3: Wipe the keys clean

You can clean the top of your keyboard using a microfiber cloth. You can wipe the keyboard clean. Just make sure your keyboard is disconnected and wipe gently. You can then use a cotton swab to clean between the keys to remove crumbs and bacteria between the keys. This could also be done with a keyboard vacuum cleaner. Sit comfortably between the keys.

Step 4: Clean the keys one by one

To ensure that the keys that you touch all day with your dirty hands are properly cleaned, you may find it necessary to separate the keys from your keyboard. This way you can clean each key separately. You can often remove them from your laptop keyboard with a screwdriver and put them in a bag in the dishwasher. Please note that you can lose keys. Therefore, make sure that you take a photo in advance of the order in which the keys are placed in the keyboard. Once the keys are removed, you can also clean the keyboard itself. Allow the keys to dry thoroughly before replacing the keys.

Clean the keyboard? These are the causes of a dirty keyboard

There are several causes for dirty keyboards, this paragraph lists the causes and ways to ensure that your keyboard stays clean:

Dirt and dust:

Dirt and dust can accumulate between the keys and under the keyboard. This may be the result of not cleaning the keyboard regularly or using the keyboard in a dusty place. You can prevent this by holding your keyboard upside down every week. Immediately wipe the bottom of your keyboard with a cloth.

Spills of liquids:

Spilling drinks or food on the keyboard can lead to sticky keys and damage the electronic components. Therefore, make sure that you do not eat or drink above your keyboard to prevent dirt from getting into your keyboard.

Hands and fingers:

Our hands and fingers are naturally oily and can transfer grease and grime to the keyboard while typing. Therefore, make sure you wash your hands after eating and have a bottle of rubbing alcohol at your workplace. Also make sure that you clean your mouse a few times a month so that you do not transfer bacteria from it to your keyboard.

Inadequate hand hygiene:

Not washing hands regularly can transfer bacteria to the keyboard. Make sure you clean your hands thoroughly regularly. If you don't do this often enough, you can lose your keyboard.

To prevent a dirty laptop keyboard, it is important to clean your keyboard more often, avoid eating or drinking near the keyboard, and regularly clean your hands before typing.

Cleaning laptop keyboard

Do you not use a separate keyboard, but do you want a hygienic keyboard on your laptop? Many parts of the step-by-step plan can also be used for your laptop keyboard. The biggest difference with cleaning separate keyboards is that the keys on your laptop often cannot be removed. Therefore, when cleaning the laptop, make sure that you thoroughly wipe the keys with a cotton swab, which you first slightly wet. Make sure you have a cotton swab or cloth nearby so that you can clean the keyboard regularly.

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