Best Bicycle Seat on the Back of the Bicycle | These are the 6 Best Child Seats on the Rear of Bicycles 2024

As a parent, it's great to spend quality time with your kids and enjoy the outdoors. Cycling is a popular activity that is both fun and healthy, as well as a great way to spend time with your kids. Safety is always a priority, especially if you have children with you. A good child bicycle seat is therefore essential to ensure that your child can ride with you safely and comfortably. However, with so many different types of rear bicycle seats on the market, it can be difficult to know which one is best for your child and your bike.

In this guide we discuss some of the best bicycle seats on the market and what you need to know to choose the right seat for your child and bike.

The 6 Best Rear Bicycle Seats at a glance:

1. Best Rear Bicycle Seat of 2024: Bobike One Maxi Bicycle Seat

The Bobike One Maxi rear bicycle seat came out best in the test. This is mainly because the rear bicycle seat is easy to install and adjust. The footrests are adjustable without tools. The shoulder straps are also made of soft material, so they will not pinch your child.

Bobike One Maxi has opted for a comfortable seat made of water-repellent and shock-absorbing EVA material instead of a cushion. This way you can count on your child to keep their pants dry during the ride. The ages for this rear bicycle seat are between 5 months to 5 years or a maximum of 22 kg.

Fashionable design with 9 colours: The Bobike ONE Maxi has a modern, sleek Dutch design with nine fashionable colors to choose from.

Durable and safe: The child seat has a double-walled design and colorfast material, making it durable and safe.

Comfortable: The shoulder straps are soft and comfortable, and the footrests are easy to adjust without tools.

2. Best Rear Bicycle Seat with TUV Approval: Urban Iki Bicycle Seat

On the Urban Iki bicycle seat you can experience fantastic cycling adventures together with your child, and that is also safe. The rear bicycle seat has a safe five-point belt. This means that the belt goes over both the chest and the legs. No escape for your child! What makes the Urban Iki rear bicycle seat different is the beautiful Japanese wave pattern on the outside of the rear seat. Because you can order the rear seat in 11 color combinations, you can find the rear bicycle seat that matches your bicycle or e-bike!

Suitable for a wide target group: The Urban Iki rear seat is suitable for children from 9 months to 6 years (22 kg). In addition, the seat can also be mounted on e-bikes. This makes it a versatile product that can be used by many people.

Easy to assemble: The Urban Iki rear seat can be mounted within 5 minutes with the supplied mounting material. This makes the product very user-friendly and time-saving.

Safe due to TÜV approval: The seat is ergonomically shaped with soft curves and has a unique design. It offers extra comfort due to the soft shoulder straps and the waterproof cushion. It also has a safe 5-point belt that is TÜV approved and complies with the European safety standard EN14344.

3. Best Rear Bicycle Seat with LED Lighting: Thule Yepp Maxi Easyfit

The Thule Yepp Maxi is easy to mount via a seat tube attachment. The child seat has a 5-point belt so that your child sits safely in the seat. There are also adjustable footrests and foot straps so you can offer even more comfort.

The Thule Yepp Maxi ensures safety with the built-in reflector and the mounting point for LED lighting. With the help of the LED lighting you ensure that you are clearly visible in the dark. Finally, the rear seat has a lock, which ensures that your rear bicycle seat is not stolen!

Comfortable and safe: The soft and shock-absorbing bicycle seat provides maximum comfort to the child, while the adjustable, five-point harness with soft shoulder pads ensures a safe and secure fit.

Flexible and Adjustable : One-hand adjustable footrests and foot strap make the bike seat easy to adjust as the child grows, providing flexibility and convenience.

Easy to assemble and clean : The Thule Yepp Maxi is quick and easy to place on the bike and is also easy to clean and keep dry thanks to the water-repellent materials.

4. Best Rear Bicycle Seat with Armrests: Polisport Groovy CFS

The Groovy CFS Bicycle Seat from Polisport distinguishes itself from the other rear seats because of the integrated armrests. These armrests provide comfort and extra safety for the child. Additional safety is also provided by the large reflective sticker on the back of the seat and the foot protection.

The new mounting plate ensures that the Groovy fits better on E-Bikes and wider luggage carriers. Finally, there are two mounting options, namely mounting on the luggage carrier and mounting on the frame. Make your choice, install the child seat and the bike ride can begin!

Integrated armrests and cushions: The bicycle seat has an ergonomic design and offers extra comfort for children due to the integrated armrests and cushion.

Ease of use: The 3-point safety belt is easy to operate with one hand and the footrests are height-adjustable, which provides extra safety and comfort for the child.

Extra safety: The Groovy has integrated foot protection and a large reflective sticker on the back of the seat for extra safety.

5. Best Rear Bicycle Seat for Older Children: Qibbel 6+ Junior Bicycle Seat

The Qibbel bicycle seat is suitable for children from 6 to 10 years old. The bicycle seat is designed with a double-walled plastic shell that is also reinforced with a metal frame. This ensures that the bicycle seat on the back can hold up to 35 kilos.

The rear seat also has a seat belt and foldable footrests. This ensures that it is one of the safest bicycle seats on the market. The rear seat is suitable for a luggage carrier of 11 to 17 centimeters with a tube diameter of 10 to 22 millimeters. The footrests are suitable for a round or oval frame tube with a diameter of 12-27 millimeters. The seat can be assembled without tools.

Longer lifespan: The Qibbel 6+ Junior bicycle seat is suitable for children up to 35 kilos, giving it a longer lifespan than some other bicycle seats on the market.

No tools required: The seat is easy to install on the bicycle luggage carrier, without the need for tools.

Collapsible footrests: The bicycle seat has foldable footrests, which is useful when getting in and out and while cycling.

6. Best Rear Bicycle Seat Cheap: Enter Goods Bicycle Seat

The Enter Goods bicycle seat is ideal for children and lightweights. It can hold up to 60 kilos! The thick foam padding makes it comfortable to sit on, and the foam padding also helps against bumps. The rear bicycle seat is easy to clean due to the water-repellent design. Installation is simple on a standard rear rack.

The safety of this bicycle seat is not optimal. The bicycle seat is therefore better suited for children from 6 years to a maximum of 20 years. So, for example, you can quickly take your child to school on your van. Please note that the rear bicycle seat cannot be placed on electric bicycles with the battery on the luggage carrier.

Seat comfort: The thick foam padding ensures maximum comfort for children while cycling.

Cleaning: The PU leather surface is water-repellent and easy to clean, making the seat easy to maintain.

Installation: The seat is easy to install on a standard rear rack on most bicycles and can be quickly attached without tools.

Most frequently asked questions about the Best Rear Bicycle Seat

What should you pay attention to when buying a rear bicycle seat?

If you want to buy a rear bicycle seat for your child, there are some important factors to consider. Below you will find a number of important things to pay attention to when buying a rear bicycle seat:

  1. Suitability of the bicycle seat : Check whether the rear bicycle seat is suitable for the age and weight of your child. For example, many rear bicycle seats have a maximum weight that they can carry.

  2. Safety : It is important that the rear bicycle seat is safe and meets European safety standards. Therefore, pay attention to the quality marks and safety features of the bicycle seat.

  3. Fit : The rear bicycle seat must fit properly on your bicycle. Therefore, check the mounting systems of the seat and the dimensions of the bracket. Make sure that the connection matches the capabilities of your bicycle.

  4. Comfort : A comfortable rear bicycle seat is important for your child. Therefore, pay attention to the quality of the upholstery, adjustable headrest, the seating position of your child and any adjustment options.

  5. Ease of use : The rear bicycle seat should be easy to attach and remove and easy to use with your bicycle.

  6. Accessories : Some rear bicycle seats come with additional accessories, such as a windshield or rain cover. Check whether these accessories are supplied with the bicycle seat and whether they are important for your use.

  7. Combining : Check carefully whether the bicycle seats can be combined with, for example, a bicycle bag or a battery on your luggage carrier. It is important to know whether the rear bicycle seat is still easy to mount on your bicycle.

By taking these factors into account, you can buy a good rear bicycle seat that is safe, comfortable and suitable for your child and your bicycle.

What age belongs to which bicycle seat?

It is important to choose the right way for the right age to take your child on the bike as safely as possible. For ages 0-9 months it is recommended to use a car seat or a cargo bike. For children from 9 months to 3 years it is recommended to use a bicycle seat on the front of the bicycle. This way you can keep an even better eye on the child. From the age of 3, it is responsible to place your child in a bicycle seat on the back of the bicycle.

What is the best bicycle seat for an electric bicycle?

Electric bicycles are becoming increasingly popular. Did you know that there are already 3 million electric bicycles in the Netherlands? We have figured out what the best bicycle seat is for e-bikes. The best bicycle seat for an electric bicycle are the rear seats from Urban Iki Rear, these bicycle seats are guaranteed to fit your e-bike. Even if you have a battery on the back of the bicycle, it is possible to mount the Urban Iki Rear on the luggage carrier. Furthermore, it is possible to easily exchange the bicycle seat between your e-bikes.

Which bicycle seat is the safest?

We recommend checking whether the bicycle seat meets the safety standard EV 14344. It is mandatory to have this visible on the bicycle seat. As soon as you see the sticker, you can assume that the bicycle seat has been approved according to safety standards. Do you want to have more control over your safety? Then you could distinguish between the 3-point belt and the 5-point belt. The 5-point offers slightly more options for safety, especially for the legs. Is your child a bit older and do you want extra protection? Then choose a dress protector to prevent your legs from getting between the spokes when your child is sitting on the back.

What other indispensable bicycle accessories do I need?

Now that you have fully equipped the bicycle for the safety of your child, it is important to look at your own protection. You don't want using your phone to endanger the safety of yourself and your child. By placing your phone in an R2B phone holder you prevent the danger of using your phone on the road. Click here to see all R2B bicycle phone holders. This could lead to an accident or a fine. Choose the safety of your child, yourself and your wallet! In addition to a phone holder for the bicycle, you will also find many other bicycle accessories at R2B.