Check out the 5 Best Footrest Desks of 2024!

Whether you spend a long working day at the computer, study at home or just spend some time at your desk, one thing is certain: comfort is of great importance. And an essential element of comfort is good posture. That's where a desk footrest comes in! A footrest allows you to raise your feet, which reduces pressure on your back, legs and feet and gives you better posture.

But not all footrests are created equal. That's why we've listed the 5 best footrests for office work in 2024 for you. Read on to find out which footrest can make your desk life a lot more comfortable!

The Top 5 Best Desk Footrests at a glance

1. Best Footrest of 2024: Blue Lion Adjustable Footrest

The Blue Lion foot cushion is an ergonomically designed footrest for under your desk or table. This is the best footrest of 2024, mainly because the cushion is multifunctional. Furthermore, the cushion is adjustable, making it suitable for everyone to use. Check out the best price of the best footrest desk now!


  • Improves sitting posture and posture : The Blue Lion foot cushion is designed to help you adopt a more active sitting position and maintain a 100-degree angle between your thighs and upper body. This reduces tension and pain in the back, neck and legs.

  • Stimulates blood circulation and increases energy : By resting your feet on the cushion and moving your ankles, you adopt a more active sitting position and improve blood circulation. This provides more energy and increases your productivity.

  • Multifunctional and extra high model : The Blue Lion foot cushion can be used as a foot cushion, back cushion, leg cushion or neck cushion. In addition, the pillow is extra high, making it also suitable for people with short legs or children.


  • Can be less useful if you often change position : The cushion is designed to remain under your desk, so if you often change position it can be difficult to always get the cushion in the right place.

2. Best Footrest Incl Cover: Lifetec Footrest

The Lifetec foot cushion is a high-quality, multi-use cushion that ensures an optimal sitting position. The non-slip bottom keeps the cushion in place and the soft cover protects the floor and feels comfortable. The foot cushion is suitable for both home and office and weighs only 500 grams.


  • Encourages an active sitting position : The foot cushion can be used with both the flat and convex sides facing down, which sets the cushion in motion. This requires more core stability and encourages a more active sitting position.

  • More productivity : Using the cushion with the convex side down keeps your legs moving easily. This prevents a static passive sitting position and increases productivity.

  • Durable and washable : The cover of the Lifetec foot cushion is made of velboa, which feels silky soft and is a lot firmer than velvet. The cover is removable and can be washed in the washing machine. The HR foam is firmer than the commonly used memory foam, which ensures a longer lifespan of the pillow.


  • Not optimal for short people : The foot cushion is not suitable for people who are looking for a higher elevation for their feet, because the cushion is only 12 cm high.

3. Best Footrest with Massage Rollers: Strex Footrest Ergonomic with Massage Rollers

The Strex footrest is the perfect solution to maintain a good posture while working at a desk. The ergonomic design suits everyone and is height adjustable to 3 different positions. In addition, the support can be adjusted in tilt angle, up to 30 degrees to either side.

The hemisphere structure of the support provides anti-slip and a massage effect when used without shoes. With the fixed wheels, the footrest is easy to move and place in the perfect position under the desk.


  • Adjustable tilt angle : With a tilt angle of 30 degrees to both sides, the support can be adjusted as desired for a comfortable sitting position. The movable spheres ensure that your legs do not remain completely still and that blood circulation is stimulated.

  • Special structure : The hemisphere structure not only provides anti-slip, but also a massage effect when used without shoes.

  • Adjustable in height : The Strex footrest is adjustable in height to 3 different positions, so that it fits your height, chair and desk.


  • Not everyone likes the massage : Not suitable for people who prefer a firm and flat surface to rest their feet on.

4. Best Footrest For Your Desk: CozySense® Desk Footrest

The CozySense® footrest is the perfect solution for those who sit at a desk for hours and suffer from back, hip and neck pain. This ergonomically designed footstool improves your sitting posture and reduces pain. It is suitable for both home and work and fits under any desk. The anti-slip layer on the bottom ensures that the footrest stays firmly in place. In addition, the footrest has a massage cover for an extra relaxed feeling while working.


  • Improved sitting posture : The footrest is ergonomically designed and prevents back pain, hip pain and neck pain through an improved sitting posture.
  • Anti-slip layer and massage cover : The footrest has an anti-slip layer on the bottom and a massage cover for extra comfort and relaxation while working.
  • Adjustable height : The footrest is adjustable to two different height positions, making it suitable for everyone.


  • Does not include an adjustable tilt angle : Although the footrest is adjustable to two different height positions, it does not have an adjustable tilt angle.

5. Best Durable Footrest: Best BUDDLEY® Luxury Footrest Desk

With the Ergonomic Footrest from BUDDLEY you prevent physical complaints while working. This stylish design ensures increased concentration and immediately reduces pressure on the back, shoulders and neck. The ergonomic design is easy to adjust to the angle that best suits your body.

The massage rollers stimulate blood circulation and relax your feet. The Anti Slip ensures that the footstool remains in the right place and height. An ideal gift for anyone who wants to maintain a good posture!


  • Easy to adjust: The angle of the ergonomic footrest can easily be adjusted to the angle that best suits your body. This way you prevent physical complaints and you can work comfortably for hours.

  • Ergonomic design: The BUDDLEY footrest has anti-slip material, so it stays in place and you don't have to worry about it shifting during use. In addition, the footrest is designed so that you can place it at the right height and place.

  • Sustainable: This footrest is made from one type of durable PP plastic, making it easier to recycle. This makes the BUDDLEY Ergonomic Footrest not only good for your own body, but also for the environment.


  • Weight : The BUDDLEY footrest is a bit on the heavy side, which may be disturbing for some users.

Frequently asked questions about the best footrests

What are the 10 best-selling desk footrests on

If after looking at the 5 best desk footrests you have not yet been able to make a choice or you would like to look further at other options. Then click here to view the 10 best-selling desk footrests from . There should be a good footrest desk for you.

I would like to buy a footrest desk, what should I pay attention to?

When buying a footrest for under your desk, there are a number of things you can pay attention to:

  1. Adjustability : An adjustable footrest offers the option to adjust the height and/or tilt angle to your body and the position of your office chair. This way you ensure that the footrest fits perfectly with your sitting position.

  2. Material : The material of the footrest determines its durability and comfort. Pay attention to the material of the frame and upholstery. Some footrests have soft padding for extra comfort.

  3. Non-slip : A footrest with non-slip material on the bottom ensures that the footrest stays in place and does not slip during use.

  4. Massage function : Some footrests have a massage function that stimulates blood circulation and provides extra relaxation.

  5. Size : The size of the footstool is important because it needs to fit under your desk. Therefore, measure the space under your desk before purchasing a footrest.

  6. Weight : A light footstool is easier to move and store, but a heavier footrest can be more stable and stay in place better.

  7. Price : Footrests come in different price ranges. Consider in advance how much you want to spend and what your expectations are of the footrest.

How do you ensure that you adjust the footrest to the correct height?

The best way to adjust your footrest to the correct height is to ensure that your feet rest flat on the support and that your knees are at a 90 degree angle. This means that the height of the footrest must be adjusted to the height of your chair and the height of your desk.

A good guideline is to adjust the footrest so that your thighs and lower legs are in a straight line when your feet rest flat on the support. It is important to adjust the height of the footrest regularly throughout the day to ensure that you maintain good posture.

What are the advantages of a footrest under your table or desk?

There are several advantages of using a footrest under your table or desk:

  • Improved sitting posture : Using a footrest increases the angle between the thighs and the upper body. This reduces the strain on the lower back and improves the sitting posture.

  • Reduction of physical complaints : A good sitting posture can prevent physical complaints such as back pain, neck pain and shoulder pain. By using a footrest, the pressure on the back, neck and shoulders can be reduced.

  • Improved circulation : A footrest can ensure that the feet are higher than the rest of the body. This can improve circulation, reducing fatigue and pain in the legs.

After reading this blog, you will be equipped with enough information about why you should buy and use a footrest desk. Continue to think carefully about your attitude and continue to find areas for improvement to keep your productivity and energy as high as possible. What can also help improve your posture is an ergonomic laptop stand. With the help of a laptop stand you can ensure that you place the laptop at the correct height, which will reduce back and neck complaints. View all laptop stands from R2B Store here.