Discover the Best Hiking Backpack for Every Adventurer!

Looking for the best hiking backpack ? We have tested the top models for you, ranging from lightweight daypacks to larger backpacks suitable for multi-day hikes. Each model has been carefully assessed for waterproofness, comfort and functionality. Essential features such as an integrated rain cover, adjustable back panel and a ventilated airspeed mesh back panel ensure that your belongings stay dry and your back cool, even during intensive walks.

These backpacks not only offer space for all your belongings in handy pockets and larger main compartments, but are also specially designed for comfort while hiking. With padded hip belts, breathable shoulder padding and a good fit, they are ideal for both short and long tours. Whether you are looking for a compact daypack for short hikes, a robust backpack for multi-day hikes, or a specially designed backpack with all the essential features for extreme tours, we have put together a selection of excellent hiking backpacks from different brands for you. With a backpack like this you are ready for any adventure, wherever you go.

The Best Hiking Backpacks Explained

1. The Best Hiking Backpack of 2024: Fjällräven Backpack Skule 28 Black

The Fjällräven Skule 28 is a stylish and compact backpack that is perfect for both daily activities and short hiking trips. Its robust construction and water-repellent material keep your belongings safe and dry. The backpack offers a streamlined design with ample space and several practical pockets for good organization of your essentials. The comfortable back panel and padded shoulder straps provide a pleasant carrying experience.

Comfort and Portability: Our tests showed that the padded shoulder straps and adjustable back panel provide an ultra-comfortable fit, even on longer walks. The backpack distributes the weight evenly, which is essential for comfort.

Water resistance: The Skule 28 provides good protection against light rain with its water-repellent finish, although an additional rain cover is recommended for heavy showers.

Storage options: The backpack is equipped with several practical compartments, including a spacious main compartment and smaller pockets for essentials, keeping everything organized and easily accessible.

2. The Best Travel Bag: RAMBUX® Hiking Backpack Dark Blue

The Rambux Backpack 40L is a versatile and spacious backpack, ideal for both day trips and longer expeditions. The backpack has multiple compartments including a large main compartment and smaller compartments for essential items. Adjustable shoulder straps and an integrated hip belt provide a comfortable fit and make carrying heavy loads easier. The durable material and built-in rain cover ensure that your equipment remains protected in all weather conditions.

Volume and Distribution: This backpack stands out for its large main compartment and additional pockets, which provide enough space for all your essentials while hiking. We found the well-designed compartment system helps organize your belongings efficiently.

Wearing comfort: The adjustable back panel and padded hip belt provide excellent support and weight distribution, which we found essential for longer tours.

Durability: During our tests, this backpack proved to be extremely robust and suitable for demanding tours, thanks to its high-quality materials and construction.

3. The Best Light Backpack: Lowe Alpine AirZone Active 18

The Lowe Alpine Airzone Active 18 is the ideal lightweight daypack for active hikers who appreciate comfort and ventilation. The unique AirZone back panel provides excellent air circulation, keeping your back cool during intensive tours. This backpack is particularly suitable for fast, dynamic movements thanks to its compact size and incredibly light weight. In addition, there are plenty of compartments for storing your belongings.

Ventilation: The most impressive feature of this backpack is the free-standing airspeed mesh back panel, which provides excellent air circulation, keeping your back cool while hiking.

Lightweight Design: As a true lightweight backpack, we found the Airzone Active 18 to be ideal for quick day trips where every gram counts.

Adjustability: The adjustable straps and narrow hip belt make this ideal backpack perfect for hikers with smaller statures, ensuring a comfortable and customized fit.

4. The Best Hiking Backpack with Rain Cover: TAN.TOMI Backpack Black

The Tan Tomi Outdoor is a durable and spacious backpack, which is equipped with an integrated rain cover that ensures that all your belongings stay dry, even during unexpected rain showers. The versatility is further enhanced by the various adjustable straps that ensure optimal fit and comfort, even when the backpack is fully loaded. This combination of functionality and comfort makes the Tan Tomi Outdoor an excellent choice for serious hikers and backpackers.

Weather resistance: The built-in rain cover provides complete waterproofing, keeping your gear dry even during heavy rain, something we really appreciated during our testing.

Comfort Features: With a padded hip belt and breathable shoulder pads, this perfect backpack proved exceptionally comfortable even when fully loaded.

Capacity: The large main compartment and several additional different pockets proved ideal for storing all the necessary equipment for multi-day tours.

5. The Best Hiking Hiking Backpack: Kounga Bonpland Hiking Backpack

The Kounga Bonpland 60L is a large-scale backpack designed for the most demanding adventures and long expeditions. This backpack offers enormous storage capacity, divided into several easily accessible compartments and an extra rain cover for optimal protection against the weather. The backpack is equipped with a comfortable carrying system that distributes the load evenly. Its durable construction and luxurious finish make it a reliable choice for serious hikers.

Large Capacity: We found the Bonpland's ample space and diverse pockets to be excellent for storing gear for longer expeditions.

Carrying comfort: Despite its size, the well-designed carrying structure, including an adjustable back panel and comfortable padding, ensures balanced load distribution.

Extra Features: This slightly larger backpack is equipped with an extra rain cover and various access points, which significantly increases ease of use during long trips.

Most frequently asked questions about the Best Hiking Backpacks

Is a waterproof backpack better for multi-day hikes?

Yes, a waterproof backpack is certainly beneficial for multi-day hikes. It protects your belongings from rain and humidity, which can be crucial in changeable weather conditions. A good hiking backpack that is waterproof will prevent important equipment such as sleeping bags and clothing from getting wet. Additionally, most backpacks with this feature also offer roomy main compartments and separate pockets, which helps keep your belongings organized and accessible, even during a brisk hike.

How effective is an integrated rain cover in hiking backpacks?

An integrated rain cover in hiking backpacks can be very effective at keeping your bag and contents dry during sudden rain showers. The biggest advantage of such a cover is that it is always at hand and can be quickly pulled over the backpack when the weather turns. This makes it an indispensable feature for good backpacks intended for long walks or multi-day hikes. Furthermore, because the cover is designed specifically for the model, it fits perfectly, ensuring maximum protection without hindering the proper ventilation of the backpack.

What should I pay attention to when choosing a lightweight daypack for short hikes?

When choosing a lightweight daypack for short walks, it is important that the backpack is incredibly light and well ventilated so that you remain comfortable while walking. Look for backpacks with a ventilated back panel and adjustable straps to ensure a perfect fit, especially if you have narrower shoulders. It is useful if the backpack has different compartments to organize your small items. Choose a backpack that is roomy enough for essentials but compact enough not to get in the way on a long walk or when walking in busier areas.

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