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What is the Best Car Phone Holder? View the top 5 here!

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In our increasingly mobile world, it is essential to stay connected and accessible, even while driving. However, safety always comes first. This is where the important role of a phone holder in the car comes into play. Whether it concerns navigation, hands-free calling or streaming music, a good phone holder makes all this possible in a safe and efficient way.

When testing different car phone holders, we focused on a few crucial aspects: Stability and security, compatibility and adjustability, ease of use and visibility . By thoroughly investigating these aspects, we have gained a good idea of ​​what distinguishes the best phone holders . In the next sections of our blog, we'll share our top picks and explain why these holders excel in their category.

Best car phone holder top 5 highlighted

1. Best Phone Holder Car 2023 – R2B Phone Holders Car Suction Cup with Wireless Charger

After testing countless phone holders for the car, only 1 can be the best. That is car phone holder from R2B Store. Model "Alkmaar" is the best car phone holder because of the wireless charging, different types of mountings and the quality of the product.

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Safety First

During our tests it was immediately noticeable how important safety is for the R2B "Alkmaar" phone holder. With current traffic rules and fines for phone use in the car, this holder offers a safe solution. You can call and navigate hands-free without worrying about fines or distractions.

Multifunctional Attachment

A big plus of this holder is the versatility in mounting options. Whether you choose the window, dashboard, ventilation grille or even your desk, the "Alkmaar" adapts effortlessly. This makes it a universal choice for different cars and situations.

Wireless Charging: A Gamechanger

The 15W fast charging function is a real game changer. During our tests, we noticed how convenient it is to charge your phone while you navigate or listen to music. The infrared function for automatically opening and closing the clamps adds another layer of convenience.

Universal Compatibility

The R2B "Alkmaar" is designed to work with almost any smartphone, regardless of brand or model. This means you don't have to buy a new holder every time you change phones. The fact that the holder works with most phone cases is also a big advantage.

2. Best Phone Holder Car Ventilation Grille - R2B® Phone Holders Car Ventilation Grille

The phone holder car ventilation grille from R2B Store is the perfect solution for anyone who loves convenience and speed. Model "Amsterdam" ensures that your smartphone is firmly secured while on the road and as soon as you pick up your phone again, you can easily remove the phone from the smartphone holder.

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Smartphone holder for concentration

With the recent increase in speed cameras that detect phone use in the car, a reliable phone holder has become essential. This holder ensures that you do not have to hold your phone, which not only prevents fines, but also increases safety on the road.

Simple and Sturdy Attachment

What appealed to us about this model is the simple attachment to the ventilation grille. The holder clamps securely without damaging the grille. This ensures a stable and reliable placement of your phone, which is essential while driving.

Compatibility and Ease of Use

This phone holder is suitable for a wide range of phone models, with a width of 6.2 to 8.5 cm. This makes it a universal solution for almost every smartphone user. Additionally, the holder is designed for one-handed operation, making it easy to insert and remove your phone.

Sustainable and Environmentally conscious

Another plus that we appreciate is the focus on sustainability. Both the phone holder and the packaging material are made of environmentally friendly materials. This shows that R2B not only ensures quality and functionality, but also pays attention to the impact on the environment.

3. Belkin Boost Up Charge: Wireless MagSafe Compatible Car Charger

Magsafe is the charging of the future, so how nice would it be if your car phone holder also has this function. Including a phone case, you can easily charge your phone via the Belkin car charger . You attach the holder to the ventilation grille and thanks to the sturdy grip you can safely travel.

View all the benefits of the magsafe car charger!

Innovation in Charging

The Belkin Boost Up Charge is a game changer for iPhone users, especially those with an iPhone 12 or 13 series. This wireless car charger, compatible with MagSafe, makes charging on the road easier and safer than ever. It's a perfect solution for those who want to use their phone for navigation or music without worrying about battery life.

Magnetic Magic

What we immediately noticed is the magnetic alignment of the charger. This feature ensures that your iPhone is firmly held even during bumpy rides. It's a matter of holding your phone against the holder and the magnets will do the rest. This ensures effortless attachment and a stable hold, which is essential while driving.

Flexibility and Functionality

Another strong point of this charger is the ability to use your phone in both portrait and landscape mode. This offers a lot of flexibility, whether you follow a route on your navigation app or choose a playlist. The charger adapts to your needs, not the other way around.

Environmentally conscious choice

Although the Belkin Boost Up Charge mainly impresses with its technological innovations, it is also worth noting that the product and packaging are environmentally friendly. This shows that Belkin not only focuses on functionality, but also on sustainability.

4. Best Car Phone Holder with Suction Cup - R2B® Car Phone Holders Suction Cup

The best phone holder with suction cup is the "Beemster" model from R2B Store. The most important thing is of course the quality of the suction cup and that is very good with this model. It is the best phone holder for the window or dashboard. Simply place your phone in it and hit the road safely!

Is a car phone holder with suction cup suitable for you? View the specifications below!

No More Fines!

I'm always looking for ways to drive more safely while keeping my phone within reach. The R2B Phone Holder for the car arrived at just the right moment. With the recent increase in fines for holding a phone while driving, this holder offers a perfect solution. It allows me to use my phone for navigation or hands-free calling without being distracted.

Strong Suction Cup: Solid as a rock

What I immediately noticed was the extra strong suction cup of the holder. This is easy to attach to both the window and the dashboard and remains firmly in place, even on uneven surfaces. This gives a reassuring feeling, especially when driving on bumpy roads.

Flexibility and Convenience: 360 Degree Rotation

The 360 ​​degree rotation and adjustable arm of the universal phone holder are ideal for finding the perfect viewing angle. This makes using apps such as Flitsmeister or Google Maps while driving a lot easier and safer.

Universal Compatibility: For Any Phone

Another big advantage is the universal compatibility of the holder. It is suitable for almost all smartphones, regardless of brand or model. This means I don't have to worry about the size or type of my phone.

5. Best Magnetic Phone Holder Car - REVALL Magnetic Phone Holders Car

Do you have no good experience with a suction cup or is your car ventilation grille not suitable for a phone holder? Then try a magnetic phone holder . The best phone holders for simplicity and cheap quality are the magnetic phone holders. The smartphone holder fits anywhere and the magnet on your phone keeps it in place!

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A New Look at Safety: No Distraction, Only Focus

During my tests with the REVALL Magnetic Phone Holder, I immediately noticed how this holder contributes to a safer driving experience. No more phones in the cup holder or on your lap, but firmly and visibly mounted on the dashboard. This minimizes distractions and increases my focus on the road.

Power of Magnetism: Firmness in Every Situation

The powerful neodymium magnets of this holder ensure that my phone stays firmly in place even on the bumpiest roads. Whether I'm driving over speed bumps or embarking on an off-road adventure, my phone remains firmly attached.

Compact and Versatile: Fits in Any Car

What also appeals to me is the compact design of the holder. It blends seamlessly into the interior of my car and is not obtrusive. In addition, the 360° rotation function is ideal for adjusting the viewing angle, which is very useful when navigating.

Ease of Installation: Strong Glue, Easy Attachment

The installation of the smartphone holder in question was surprisingly easy. The strong adhesive strip ensures reliable attachment to almost any flat surface. It was a matter of sticking it on, attaching the magnetic plate to my phone, and done!

The most frequently asked questions about phone holders for the car

How does a magnetic phone holder work?

A magnetic car phone holder works by using magnets to hold your phone securely. Here's how it generally works:

The holder: The phone holder itself usually has a flat, magnetic surface that can be attached to the car in various ways, such as on the dashboard, on the windshield or on the air vents.

The metal plate: To attach your phone to the magnetic holder, you need to attach a thin metal plate to the back of your phone. This plate is usually self-adhesive and comes in different shapes and sizes. Some people also place this plate between their phone and phone case.

The magnets: The phone holder contains powerful magnets that hold your phone firmly in place. The combination of magnetic attraction and the metal plate on your phone provides a strong and secure attachment.

Placing your phone: Once you have attached the metal plate to your phone, you can easily place your phone on the magnetic holder. The magnets attract the metal plate and hold your phone firmly in place. You can easily remove your phone by just taking it off.

The advantage of a magnetic phone holder is that it is quick and easy to use. You can quickly attach and remove your phone without the hassle of clamps or arms.

Can you charge your phone in a car phone holder?

Yes, you can charge your phone while it is in a car phone holder. Many modern car phone holders are designed with charging capabilities. This can be achieved in several ways:

Wireless charging: Some car phone holders feature wireless charging technology, such as Qi wireless charging. If your phone is compatible with wireless charging, simply place it in the holder and charging will begin automatically without having to connect any cables.

USB connection: Many phone holders have a USB port or charging cable that you can connect to your phone's charging port. This allows you to charge your phone while it is in the holder. Make sure the holder is compatible with your phone's charging cable.

Charging brackets: Some phone holders have charging brackets that adjust to the size of your phone while simultaneously reaching your phone's charging port for charging. This is useful because the holder automatically adjusts to different phone sizes.

It is important to ensure that the phone holder is compatible with your specific phone model and charging capabilities before purchasing one. This ensures that your phone can be charged safely and efficiently while you're on the go.

Where in the car can I place a phone holder?

You can place a car phone holder in different places, depending on your preference and the mounting options available in your vehicle. Here are some common places you can install a phone holder:

Dashboard: Many phone holders are designed to be mounted on the dashboard. This can be a convenient location as you can easily see and control your phone while you drive. Make sure the holder is firmly and securely attached to prevent your phone from moving while driving.

Windshield: Some holders can be attached to the windshield with a suction cup. This places your phone close to your line of sight, but it may have restrictions depending on the laws in your region, so make sure it complies with local regulations.

Air vent: Brackets are available that can be attached to your car's air vents. This is a handy option because it puts your phone at eye level and is easily accessible. Make sure the holder is compatible with the air vents in your vehicle.

CD player: Some phone holders are designed to fit into the CD player opening of your car stereo. This is a handy option if you are not using the CD player. It places your phone close to the dashboard.

Center console: There are also holders that can be placed on the center console of your car. This can be a convenient location if you want easy access to your phone while you drive.

Headrest: If you have passengers in the back seat, consider attaching a phone holder to the headrest of a seat so passengers can enjoy entertainment on long drives.

It is important to consider the traffic laws and regulations in your area when choosing the location of your phone holder.

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