What is the best tablet of 2024? View the top 5 here!

In the world where technology plays an increasingly important role in our daily lives, we have discovered that tablets have become an indispensable tool. These compact, versatile devices offer a perfect balance between the mobility of a smartphone and the functionality of a laptop. Whether it's remote work, online education, entertainment, or keeping up with social connections, tablets make it all possible with their ease of use and portability. We have selected the best deals based on performance, speed, quality and price, among other things! Check out the top 5 below!

The top 5 best tablets highlighted

1. The Best Tablet of 2024 - Apple iPad (2021) - 10.2 inch - WiFi - 64GB - Gray

The best tablet of 2024 is the Apple iPad (2021) . You're probably wondering why this became the best tablet in our test. Of course you have newer iPads such as the Apple iPad Pro and the Apple iPad Air, but one of the most important pillars in our test is the price-quality ratio. The iPad (2021) excels in this. The quality of the tablet and the lower price compared to other tablets from Apple make this the best tablet of 2023!

Display: A feast for the eyes

The 10.2-inch Retina display of the iPad is a real eye-catcher. The colors are vibrant and the details are razor sharp. Thanks to True Tone, the screen automatically adjusts to the ambient light, ensuring a comfortable viewing experience.

Speed ​​and Performance: Powerful and Efficient

We immediately noticed the difference in speed thanks to the A13 Bionic chip. Whether we were sending messages, going online or using multiple apps at the same time, everything went more smoothly. The improved GPU also provides impressive graphics, ideal for gaming.

Camera: Perfect for Selfies and Video Calling

The 12MP ultra-wide-angle front camera and the Center Point feature make video calling and taking selfies a lot more enjoyable. The 8MP wide-angle camera on the back captures everything in crisp clarity, which is great for photos and videos.

Apps and Ease of Use

With high-quality default apps and more than a million apps available in the App Store, this iPad offers endless possibilities. Whether it's making music, exercising, reading or gaming, there is always an app that suits our needs. Your iPhone can also easily be connected for additional functionalities.

2. The Best Samsung Tablet - Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 (2022) - 128GB - WiFi - 10.5 inch - Gray

Samsung is a well-known manufacturer of phones and when it comes to tablets they deliver the same quality. The Galaxy Tab is one of the best-selling tablets in recent years. The Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 is also a quality tablet thanks to its powerful processor. Ideal for everyday tasks, but also if you use the tablet for professional jobs.

Elegance Meets Functionality

When we first got our hands on the Samsung Galaxy Tab A8, we were immediately impressed by the slim design and the large 10.5-inch display. At just 6.9mm thick, this tablet offers a comfortable grip and a visually appealing experience. The WUXGA display brought our content to life with vibrant and immersive visuals, perfect for both work and play.

A Paradise for Children

We appreciate how Samsung has thought about younger users. The Samsung Kids platform allowed our children to learn and play in a safe and educational way. We liked that we could set playtime limits and control access to certain content, which ensured responsible screen time for the kids.

Battery Life that Keeps Going

We were pleasantly surprised by the Tab A8's long battery life. With a capacity of 7,040 mAh, we could enjoy our favorite content for hours without having to worry about charging. And when the battery finally ran out, we were pleased with the fast charging feature that quickly got the tablet ready to use again.

Cameras for Every Moment

Whether we were taking photos or making video calls, the 8-megapixel main camera on the back and the 5-megapixel selfie camera on the front never disappointed us. The optimal placement of the front camera for use in landscape orientation was ideal for our online classes and conferences. Do you want an even better camera? Then choose the Samsung Galaxy tab S8!

3. The Best Android tablet: - Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE - Wifi - 12.4 inch - 64GB - Mystic Black

Are you used to the Android apps and interfaces? Then choose one of the best Android tablets. Our test showed that the Samsung Galaxy tab s7 FE is one of the best Android tablets when it comes to the right price and quality. The LCD screen is perfect for watching movies, heavy gaming and working.

A Screen to Dream About

When taking the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE out of the box, what you immediately notice is the large, vibrant 12.4-inch TFT display. The colors are lifelike and bright, which makes watching films or series a pleasure. It's like I'm right in the middle of the action!

Stylish Design

The Galaxy Tab S7 FE exudes class with its slim metal casing and stylish finish. Available in four colors - Mystic Black, Mystic Silver, Mystic Green and Mystic Pink - this tablet fits my personal style perfectly.

Power and Performance

This tablet is a powerhouse. With a high-quality AP chipset and ample storage memory, it provides a fast and smooth experience whether I'm gaming or using multimedia. The 10,090mAh battery means I can enjoy it for hours without worrying about charging.

Get creative with the S Pen

The updated S Pen stylus is a game changer. It feels like I'm actually writing on paper, which increases my productivity and creativity. The pen is also useful for presentations, with the push of a button I go to the next slide.

Samsung DeX for Multitasking

With Samsung DeX the tablet transforms into a fully functional desktop, ideal for work or study. This makes multitasking between devices a breeze.

4. The Best Drawing Tablet - Wacom Intuos Pro Medium - Drawing Tablet - 224 x 148 mm - Black

Do you often use a tablet for sketching, drawing or other creative purposes? Choose the Wacom Intuos Pro Medium . This drawing tablet supports all creative functions and makes using a stylus pen even easier. You can easily switch to your laptop and your canvas will feel lifelike!

Creativity on a New Level

When I first used the Wacom Intuos Pro Medium, I immediately felt the freedom and precision it offers. With an active area of ​​224 x 148 mm there is enough space to let my creativity flow. It's like my drawings come to life!

Elegant and Efficient Design

The Wacom Intuos Pro Medium is not only functional, but also stylish. The sleek, black design fits perfectly on my desk. The tablet is light and compact, making it easy for me to take it anywhere.

Exceptional Precision and Control

The Pro Pen 2 is a true revolution. With 8192 pressure levels and tilt recognition, this pen offers unparalleled precision. Whether I'm sketching, drawing or painting, every line and brushstroke feels natural and intuitive.

Seamless Connectivity

The tablet supports both USB and Bluetooth connectivity, allowing me to switch between devices with ease. Whether I'm working on a desktop or using my laptop, the transition is seamless.

Compatibility and Software

The Wacom Intuos Pro is compatible with both Windows and macOS and works seamlessly with leading software packages. This makes it a versatile choice for professionals and hobbyists.

5. The Best Cheap Tablet - Lenovo Tab M9 - 32GB - Android 12 - Gray + Clear Case & Screen Protector

Don't you think spending a few hundred euros on a tablet is worth it? Then choose the best cheap tablet from Lenovo . This tablet offers a lot of similar functionalities with the other tablets in the top 5. The big difference is in the price, of course you also compromise on a few quality parts, but this does not suddenly make the tablet a lot less expensive. Test it yourself and order the Lenovo Tab M9.

Compactness and Ease of Use

When we first got our hands on the Lenovo Tab M9, we were immediately impressed by its compact size and user-friendliness. With a 9-inch screen and a resolution of 1340 x 800 pixels, this tablet proved to be ideal for watching videos and playing games.

Storage Capacity and Memory

We found the Tab M9's 32GB storage capacity to be more than enough for our photos, documents, and apps. It was reassuring to know that we could easily expand the storage with a micro SD card if necessary. With 3GB of internal memory, the tablet functioned smoothly and efficiently, which made our daily tasks easier.

Cameras for Every Occasion

The 8 megapixel rear camera and the 2 megapixel front camera were a pleasant surprise. We were able to take good photos as well as make clear video calls, making the affordable tablet versatile in use.

Connectivity and Useful Extras

The support for Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac) ensured a stable and fast internet connection, which we really appreciated. The fact that the tablet runs on Android 12 provided a modern and user-friendly interface. The included clear case and screen protector offered extra protection and convenience, which was a nice bonus.

After looking at the different tablets you can make an informed choice to find the tablet that suits you best! Do you want to be able to easily use the tablet in the back seat of your car? Then view the tablet holders from R2B Store here for optimal comfort in your car!

The most frequently asked questions about tablets

1. What is the difference between an AMOLED screen, LCD screen and OLED screen?

AMOLED, LCD and OLED are different types of display technologies used in various electronic devices including smartphones, televisions and monitors. Here are the key differences between these three screen technologies:

1. OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode):

How it works: OLED screens consist of organic compounds that emit light when current is passed through them. Each pixel on an OLED screen can be turned on and off individually, providing deep blacks and vibrant colors.

Benefits: OLED screens offer excellent color reproduction, high contrast, fast response times and thin screen profiles. They also have energy-efficient properties by completely turning off black pixels, which can extend battery life.

Disadvantages: OLED screens can experience burn-in when viewing static images for extended periods of time and have a higher chance of screen degradation over time.

2. AMOLED (Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode):

How it works: AMOLED is a subcategory of OLED screens that uses an active matrix to control the pixels. This ensures faster response times and more accurate color reproduction. For example with the OnePlus Pad.

Pros: AMOLED screens share many advantages with OLED screens, such as deep blacks and vibrant colors. They also offer better performance in terms of clarity and responsiveness.

Cons: Like OLED screens, AMOLED screens can suffer from burn-in and can be prone to screen degradation.

3.LCD (Liquid Crystal Display):

How it works: LCD screens use liquid crystals placed between two layers of glass. The backlight, usually white LEDs, shines through these crystals to create colors on the screen. The brightness and color of each pixel are controlled by the liquid crystals.

Pros: LCDs are generally more cost-efficient to produce than OLED displays. They are also less likely to experience burn-in and screen degradation. Some high-end LCD screens can provide excellent color reproduction and clarity.

Cons: LCDs typically have a lower contrast level than OLED screens, resulting in shallower blacks. They also have a narrower viewing angle and consume more energy, especially when using a backlight.

2. What is the difference between the different iPads?

Apple offers several models of the iPad, each designed with different audiences and needs in mind. Here are the main differences between the different iPad models:

iPad: The standard iPad is intended for general use and is the most affordable option. It has a 10.2-inch screen and is powered by an A13 Bionic chip. This model is suitable for daily tasks, browsing, emailing and light creative applications.

iPad Air: The iPad Air offers more powerful performance than the standard iPad. It has a 10.9-inch Liquid Retina display and is powered by the more powerful A14 Bionic chip. This makes it suitable for heavier tasks, such as graphic design, video editing and gaming.

iPad mini: The iPad mini was released in a more compact size with an 8.3-inch screen. Despite its small size, it has impressive performance thanks to the A15 Bionic chip. It is ideal for on-the-go use and can be used for reading, note-taking and entertainment.

iPad Pro: The iPad Pro is the most powerful and advanced iPad. It is powered by the M1 chip and comes in two sizes: 11 inches and 12.9 inches. The iPad Pro is intended for professional use and can be used for tasks such as photo and video editing, 3D modeling and multitasking at a desktop level. It also supports accessories like the Apple Pencil and the Magic Keyboard.

The choice between these models depends on your specific needs, budget and the tasks you want to perform with the iPad. If you mainly use the iPad for basic tasks, the standard iPad will suffice. If you need more processing power and functionality, consider the iPad Air or iPad mini. Ideal for professional users who require top performance, the iPad Pro resembles a portable MacBook Air.