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What is the best motorcycle lock? View the top 5 here!

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As motorcycle enthusiasts, we know better than anyone how important it is to protect our beloved two-wheelers against theft. That's why we've dedicated this blog to something that is close to the heart of every motorcycle owner: motorcycle locks. But why are they so crucial? And what makes a motorcycle lock really effective?

In this blog we take you through the world of motorcycle locks. We not only discuss the different types and their unique features, but also what you should pay attention to when choosing the perfect lock for your motorcycle. From disc brake locks to chain locks and from smart anti-theft solutions to practical tips for everyday use, we ensure that after reading this blog you are fully informed and ready to make the best choice.

Keep reading, because we share our knowledge and passion for motorcycles and their security with you. Protect your motorcycle, enjoy your rides with peace of mind, and together let's stay one step ahead of the thieves thanks to the best motorcycle lock !"

The top 5 Best Motorcycle Locks highlighted

1. The best motorcycle lock of 2024 - VINZ Batura Motorcycle Lock

Each motorcycle lock has its own advantages and disadvantages, but during testing there was one motorcycle lock that stood out above the rest. And that was the Vinz Batura Motorcycle Lock .

When we first got our hands on the Vinz Batura motorcycle lock, we were immediately impressed by its sturdiness. This chain lock, with a length of 120 cm, feels robust and durable. The weight and solid construction immediately give a feeling of security.

Ease of use
Using this lock is surprisingly easy. Despite the heavy quality, it is flexible enough to attach around different objects, something that is often a challenge with shorter or stiffer locks. The 120cm length provides plenty of room to anchor the motor to a fixed object, adding an extra layer of security.

Safety features
The lock is ART 5 certified, which means that it meets strict security standards. During our test we tried to force the lock with various methods, but without success. The links are made of hardened steel and offer excellent resistance to cutting and breaking attempts.

The Lock Mechanism
The cylinder lock of the Vinz Batura is impressive. It is not only resistant to lock picking, but also to other forms of manipulation. We also noticed that the lock mechanism works smoothly even after exposure to different weather conditions, indicating good weather resistance.

After extensive testing, we can say with confidence that the Vinz Batura motorcycle lock is an excellent choice for motorcyclists looking for a reliable and sturdy lock.

2. The best motorcycle steering lock - Triple A lock

When looking at the Triple A Slot, we immediately noticed its compactness and light weight. This aluminum lock, designed for various vehicles such as bicycles, scooters and motorcycles, seemed promising for everyday use. And at the same time, this disc brake lock also seemed easy to carry.

Ease of use
Using the lock turned out to be very simple. The lock can be quickly placed around the vehicle's brake lever and throttle, which is very useful for quick stops. The lock could be installed in seconds without bending or fussing.

Security and Sustainability
Despite the simple installation, the lock offers solid security. The aluminum material feels sturdy and the lock mechanism works smoothly. However, the lack of an ART quality mark is something to keep in mind for those who want extra security.

All in all, the Triple A Lock - Steering Wheel Lock is a practical choice for everyday use, especially because of its ease of use and portability. It provides basic protection against theft and is a good addition to traditional locks.

3. The best motorcycle lock chain lock - Maxx-Locks Ohura Motorlock ART 4

As an avid motorcyclist, I know better than anyone how important it is to be able to park my vehicle safely. I recently extensively tested the Maxx Locks Ohura Motorcycle Lock , a chain lock specifically designed to meet the needs of scooter owners. With an ART 4 ​​quality mark, this lock promises not only security but also peace of mind.

This chain lock, with a length of 150 cm and ART 4 ​​certification, seemed ideal for optimal security. During testing, we immediately discovered that it is not only a good motorcycle lock, but the chain is also designed in such a way that it can protect your motorcycle against many theft attempts.

Ease of use and Safety
The lock turned out to be very user-friendly in practice. It is long enough to easily wrap around a solid object. The links made of 12 mm thick hardened steel resisted various attempts to break or cut. The chain is almost indestructible.

The Padlock and Keys
The loose padlock with lockable keyhole is an excellent addition. This contributes to the overall security of the lock. The two keys provided worked smoothly and caused no problems.

This Maxx-Locks Ohura Motorcycle Lock is a reliable choice for securing motorcycles or scooters. Its length, strength and ART 4 ​​certification make it a top choice for anyone looking for serious security for their two-wheeler.

4. The best motorcycle lock chain lock with loop - Top Lock Motorcycle Lock

A sturdy motorcycle lock is something every motorcycle enthusiast wants. Don't worry anymore about parking your motorcycle in the busy center or at the station. Thanks to the motorcycle lock with chain from Top Lock, it is a lot easier to properly lock your motorcycle and the barrel makes it even more difficult for thieves!

Convenience Meets Safety
What struck us was the flexibility of the lock despite its length. The combination of the thick chain links and the robust construction immediately radiated a feeling of security. It is surprisingly manageable and easy to wrap around objects, which is essential for securing our scooter or motorcycle safely.

Trust in ART4
This lock complies with the ART4 standard, which gave us great confidence in its security. During our testing attempts, the lock proved to be extremely resistant to cutting and forcing, thanks to the solid links and strong lock mechanism.

A Lock for All Weather Conditions
An important aspect that we have tested is weather resistance. The Top Lock lock performed excellently, even after exposure to rain and moisture, which is essential for an outdoor lock.

A Top Choice for Safety
Our experience shows that the Top Lock Scooter Lock / Motorcycle Lock ART4 is an excellent choice for anyone who is looking for a reliable, long and sturdy lock. It offers a perfect balance between ease of use and top security, giving us peace of mind when leaving our motorcycle or scooter behind.

5. The best U-lock for motorcycles - Stahlex U-lock

There are countless different locks, to complete the top 5 we have chosen the Stahlex U-lock . This U-lock differs from other types of locks due to its heavy-duty hardened steel and extra security keys. It is advisable to maintain the lock well and to ensure that the keyhole remains clean and rust-free.

Robustness in Compact Format
When we first encountered the Stahlex U-lock, we were impressed by its robust construction in a compact size. The lock, measuring 180 x 245 mm, immediately showed its potential as a sturdy security option.

Safety and Strength
This U-lock meets the strict ART safety standards, which immediately gave us a safe feeling. The thickness and strength of the material withstood various breaking and cutting tests.

Smooth and Reliable
We found the lock to be smooth to use and easy to attach to various types of bicycles, scooters and motorcycles. The extra protection mechanism against dirt and dust in the keyhole was a welcome addition.

A Strong Choice for Various Vehicles
After thorough testing, it is clear that the Stahlex U-lock is a solid and reliable choice for protecting a variety of vehicles. Its compactness, strength, and ART certification make it a top choice for us.

Most frequently asked questions about motorcycle locks

What does Art quality mark mean?

The ART quality mark is a certification system for locks, mainly used in the Netherlands. It is awarded by the ART Foundation, a collaboration between various parties such as insurers and the police. Locks with an ART quality mark have been tested for their resistance to theft.

The inspection includes different levels, indicated by stars, where more stars mean higher safety. For example, a lock with an ART 3 quality mark is suitable for bicycles, while a lock with an ART 4 ​​or 5 quality mark is recommended for motorcycles or scooters due to the higher degree of security.

What types of motorcycle locks are there?

There are different types of motorcycle locks, each with their unique features and levels of security:

Chain locks: Consist of strong, metal links and are often used in combination with a padlock or an integrated lock. They are flexible and can attach the motor to a fixed object.

U-locks: Consist of a sturdy, U-shaped bracket and a cross bar. They are very sturdy and difficult to cut, but less flexible in use.

Disc brake locks: Attached to the motorcycle brake disc, preventing the wheel from turning. They are compact and easy to carry.

Steering wheel locks: Block the steering wheel, making it impossible to steer the motorcycle away easily.

Cable locks: Consist of a long, flexible cable and are useful for quick security, although they are less secure than chain locks or U-locks.

Each type of lock offers different levels of security and ease of use, depending on the situation and preference of the motorcyclist.

How do I maintain the keyhole well enough?

To properly maintain the keyhole of your motorcycle lock, it is important to perform regular maintenance. This includes cleaning and lubricating the keyhole to ensure it continues to function smoothly. Use a suitable lubricant, such as graphite powder or silicone spray, and apply it sparingly to the keyhole.

Avoid oily products as they can attract dust and dirt, which can lead to blockages or wear. Regular cleaning and lubrication help extend the life of your lock and ensure reliable operation.

When is my motorcycle insured thanks to the lock?

Whether your motorcycle is insured thanks to the lock depends on the requirements of your insurer. Many insurers require an ART-certified lock, usually at least ART 3 or 4, for theft insurance. Specifications may vary, so it is important to check your insurance policy terms and conditions.

Insurers may also impose requirements on the way you lock the motorcycle, for example by attaching it to a fixed object. Always check with your own insurer for exact requirements.

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