What is the Best Car Dog Blanket? View the top 5 here!

What is the Best Car Dog Blanket? View the top 5 here!

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The importance of a good dog blanket for the car can hardly be overestimated. As a dog owner, I know how much joy our four-legged friends bring to our lives. They are not just pets; they are family. That's why they deserve the very best, especially when it comes to their safety and comfort during car journeys. A dog blanket for the car is more than a simple accessory; it is an essential item that ensures the protection of our dogs and our vehicles.

When testing different dog blankets for the car, we focused on several key aspects to ensure we only recommend the best of the best. The durability and quality of the material, the comfort for our dogs, the fit and ease of installation. Finally, we reviewed the extra features such as waterproofing, slip resistance, and storage options for toys or treats.

A good dog blanket for the car is an investment in comfort and safety, and something no dog owner should be without. View the complete top 5 below!

The top 5 best dog blankets for cars at a glance

1. Best Car Dog Blanket of 2024: All 4 Pets Supply - Car Dog Blanket

After extensive testing of various dog blankets for the car, we noticed the "All 4 Pets Supply Waterproof Dog Blanket for Car Backseat and Trunk". The best dog blanket car not only promises protection for your car, but also comfort and safety for your dog. Below we share our experiences with this specific product.

Ease of installation
One of the first things we tested is how easy the dog blanket is to install. The blanket fits perfectly on the back seat of our car and can also be extended to the trunk for extra protection. Attaching the blanket to the car seats was effortless, thanks to thoughtful design details such as adjustable straps and buckles. Ideal when you go out.

Waterproofing and Cleaning
Our dogs can be quite adventurous on walks, often resulting in muddy or wet paws. The waterproof feature of the All 4 Pets Supply Dog Blanket really helped us out. Moisture and dirt remain on the surface of the blanket, which greatly facilitates cleaning.

Comfort for Our Dogs
The comfort of our dogs is of course our top priority. This dog blanket provides a soft, but sturdy surface that our dogs can lie on during long journeys. They seemed to feel more relaxed, which makes the journey more enjoyable for everyone in the car.

Additional Features

The additional features of the All 4 Pets Supply Dog Blanket, such as the non-slip bottom and storage options for toys and treats, really made a difference in our overall experience. These little details show that the needs of both the dog and the owner have been carefully considered.

2. Best Back Seat Protective Cover – YOUR Car Dog Blanket

One of the first things you noticed about the JE dog blanket car is the high quality of the blanket. It is a large blanket that easily covers the back seat. In addition to protecting the upholstery, the dog blanket also provides comfort for your four-legged friend.

First Impressions
When we took the JE Dog Blanket out of the packaging, we were immediately charmed by the aesthetics of the design. Measuring 147 x 137 cm, it seemed to provide ample protection for the back seat of our car. The material felt soft, but at the same time gave the impression of being strong and durable.

Secure firmly
Installing the JE Dog Blanket was surprisingly easy. The product is designed with adjustable straps, which means it will fit almost any car seat. We were able to secure it in place within minutes, without any fuss or frustration.

Waterproofing and Maintenance

One of the main reasons for purchasing a dog blanket is to keep the car clean and dry. The JE Dog Blanket did not disappoint. The material is waterproof, which means it kept out all the moisture and dirt that our dog brought in after a walk and didn't make the car dirty.

Sustainability and Safety
After several rides and extensive use, we can confirm that the JE Dog Blanket delivers on its promise of durability. The material holds up well to claws and paws, with no signs of wear or damage.

3. Best Dog Blanket Car Trunk – Strex Dog Blanket Car

This product comes with the promise of not only protecting your car, but also providing comfort and safety for your dog, complete with a dog leash and storage bag. Here is our detailed experience after testing this product.

First impression
The black material feels sturdy and durable, suitable for taking on the challenges of daily car journeys with a dog. The blanket measures 137 x 147 cm, which promises to provide good coverage for both the back seat and the trunk.

Easy to install
Thanks to its universal size, the blanket fits easily on the back seat and, with a little adjustment, also in the trunk. The adjustable straps and buckles ensure that the blanket can be attached quickly and securely, making it a breeze to install or remove for cleaning.

Comfort and safety for the dog
Our dog quickly took his place on the blanket and seemed very pleased with the comfort it provided. The soft material seems to have a soothing effect, which contributes to a relaxing ride. The included dog leash was a great addition, allowing us to keep our dog safe during the ride.

Sustainability and Extras

After having made several rides with the Strex Dog Blanket, we can say that the blanket is very durable and resistant to wear. The non-slip bottom keeps the blanket in place, which provides extra safety.

4. The Best Luxury Dog Blanket Car - The Barking Cat premium dog blanket car backseat

There are many car dog blankets on the market that do not do what they promise. Are you willing to pay a little extra for something more luxurious? Then the barking cat dog blanket is perfect for you and your dog. The dog blanket ensures that the car is protected against nails, hair and dirt.

Are you curious about what else this dog blanket has to offer? Then check out our full review below.

When unpacking this dog blanket, we were immediately struck by the stylish black and white design. It's not every day that you find a dog blanket that looks this good while also being practical. Our half backseat now also looked stylish!

Ease of cleaning: Easy as pie
One of the biggest concerns with dogs in the car is the mess they leave behind. However, this dog blanket made cleaning so easy. Moisture, mud, and hair remained on the surface, so a quick wipe or shake was enough to get the blanket clean again.

Sustainability that lasts
After using the blanket for several weeks, we can say with confidence that it is built to last. The material is resistant to claws and chewing, which is a must for us as enthusiastic dog owners.

Storage bag and E-book
The included storage bag was a handy addition, allowing us to easily store the blanket when not in use. The e-book, full of tips for traveling with dogs, was a nice surprise that added value to our purchase.

5. Best Car Blanket Dog – Jake and Jacky Car Blanket Dog

The unique combination of black and orange immediately caught our attention when looking at this dog blanket. The bottom remains of the dog blanket thanks to the anti-slip bottom, which ensures that the blanket stays in place. Here's what else we discovered after thoroughly testing this product.

Cleaning: One Less Worry
A big advantage of this blanket is how easy it is to clean. Whether it's muddy paws or shed fur, a quick wipe was enough to restore the blanket to its original condition. This made our return from adventurous hiking a lot less stressful.

Belt included
What really sets this product apart is the included dog seat belt. This extra safety measure gave us peace of mind while driving, knowing our dog was safely secured. It is a detail that shows that real thought has been given to the well-being of our pets.

The storage bag

The included storage bag was a pleasant surprise. It made it possible to neatly store the fine blanket when not in use, which contributes to a tidy car. It is a simple, but much appreciated addition.

Frequently asked questions about the best dog blanket car

Does a dog blanket fit on the back seat and in the trunk?

Securely securing a dog in the trunk, especially in cars with an open connection to the rest of the interior such as station wagons, is essential for both the safety of the dog and the occupants. Here are some steps and tips to safely transport your dog in the trunk:

1. Use a suitable travel crate or transport box

  • Choose a travel crate or carrier that is large enough for your dog to lie, stand and turn around comfortably. The crate must be made of sturdy material and be well ventilated.
  • Make sure that the crate or box can be securely secured in the trunk, so that it cannot shift or fall over while driving.

2. Safety net or rack

  • If you drive a station wagon or SUV, consider installing a safety net or rack between the trunk and the rear seats. This prevents your dog from being thrown forward during an abrupt stop and provides extra safety.

3. Special dog belts or harnesses

  • There are also special dog belts or harnesses available that you can use in combination with the car seat belt or special mounting points in the trunk. These harnesses ensure that your dog is secured but still has some freedom of movement.

4. Anti-slip mat

  • Place an anti-slip mat under the travel crate or transport box to prevent it from sliding. This provides extra stability and safety.

What are the rules for a dog in the car?

The rules for transporting a dog in the car may vary depending on the country or region you are in. However, there are general guidelines and best practices that are recommended or required in many places to ensure the safety of both the dog and its occupants. Here are some general rules and recommendations:

Seat belt or travel crate

  • Use a dog seat belt or a specially designed harness that attaches to the seat belt. This prevents the dog from being thrown by the car during an abrupt stop.
  • Place the dog in a travel crate or cage that can be securely secured. This is especially useful for larger dogs or for long journeys as it provides the dog with its own safe space.

Back seat or trunk

  • Preferably place the dog on the back seat of the car. This is safer than the front seat, especially if the car is equipped with airbags that can cause serious injury to the dog in the event of a collision.
  • For cars with a large trunk (such as station wagons), the dog can also be placed in the trunk , provided it is properly shielded from the rest of the car and there is sufficient ventilation.

Preventing Distraction

  • Make sure the dog is unable to distract the driver . This may mean that the dog should not be able to move around freely in the car or sit on the driver's lap.

Regulations per country

  • In some countries there are specific laws regulating the transportation of pets in vehicles. It is important to be aware of local laws to avoid fines. For example, in some European countries it is mandatory to secure your pet with a harness, belt or in a crate.

Ventilation and comfort

  • Provide adequate ventilation and comfort for the dog, especially on hot days. Never leave a dog in a parked car, especially in the sun, as temperatures can rise quickly and lead to overheating or even death.

How to secure a dog in the trunk?

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