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Welcome to our blog where we share our passion for cycling with you. Today we focus on one of the most crucial parts of the bicycle: the saddle. Why is a good bicycle saddle so important? Simply put, it's the only point of contact your body shares with the bike for any length of time. An uncomfortable saddle can not only spoil your cycling pleasure, but also lead to physical complaints such as pain in the back, hips and even problems with your sitting position.

For us, as cycling enthusiasts, finding the perfect saddle has become a personal mission. We tested different saddles, specifically looking at factors that influence comfort and performance. During our testing we took into account:

  1. Saddle shape: The shape of the saddle should suit our sitting position and cycling style. For example, a racing bike requires a different type of saddle than a city bike.

  2. Materials: We looked at the materials of the saddle, such as the type of foam or gel used in the cushion, and the durability of the outer layer.

  3. Flexibility and Cushioning: A good saddle absorbs shocks and reduces pressure points. This is especially important for long journeys.

  4. Weight and Ventilation: For long distances and sporting use, the weight of the saddle is a factor, as is ventilation to prevent overheating and sweat build-up.

  5. Personal Experiences: Last but not least, our own comfort experiences. Everyone's body is different, so a saddle that is perfect for one person may be less suitable for another.

In our search for the best bicycle saddle , we took all these aspects into account. In the coming paragraphs we will share our findings, experiences and the top choices we made. Read on to discover which saddle can take your cycling experience to the next level!

Top 5 best bicycle saddles at a glance

1. Best bicycle saddle of 2024: R2B® Bicycle Saddle Men - Bicycle Saddle Women - Including Waterproof Saddle Cover

During our search for the best bicycle saddle, we tested several saddles. The best bicycle saddle in our test is the bicycle saddle from R2B. This bicycle saddle has ventilation, reflection, comfort and is easy to install. Combined with an affordable price, this is a must-buy bicycle saddle!

Read our extensive review below!

The best saddle not only looks modern, but also feels sturdy and well-made. The addition of a waterproof saddle cover is a thoughtful detail, especially useful for unpredictable Dutch weather. Your saddle also stays clean thanks to the saddle cover.

Easy and Fast installation

Installing the right saddle was surprisingly easy. With a few standard tools we had the saddle installed on our bike in just a few minutes. The universal fit made the saddle compatible with our city bike, which is a big plus.

Gel Cushioning that Makes the Difference

During our first ride we immediately noticed how comfortable the gel saddle is. The gel cushioning absorbs shock effectively, which makes a big difference when driving over bumpy roads. Even after long rides we felt no discomfort or pressure points, which is often a problem with harder saddles.

No Overheating or Sweat Buildup

Another striking feature of this saddle is the ventilation. Thanks to the design, we didn't experience any overheating or sweat build-up, even during more intense rides on hot days. This is a major advantage over a cheaper saddle.

Extra Safety in the Dark

Safety is crucial, especially when cycling in the evenings. The reflective detail on the back of the saddle is a smart addition. It provides extra visibility, which made us feel safer on rides after sunset.

2. The Best Bicycle Saddle for Electric Bicycle: Bicycle Saddle FOSADDLE

E-bikes are becoming increasingly popular. It won't be long before everyone has an e-bike. An e-bike can easily cost a few thousand euros, so a good saddle is very important.

We recently had the chance to test the Bicycle Saddle FOSADDLE Luxe, a saddle that promises to combine luxury and comfort. Here we share our detailed experiences with this product.

Universal Compatibility

The installation of the saddle went smoothly and quickly. The universal design ensured that the saddle easily fit our various e-bikes, which is a big advantage. Within a few minutes the fine saddle was ready for use.

Exceptional and Broad

During our first ride with the Fosaddle Luxe saddle, the exceptional comfort was immediately noticeable. It is a wider saddle that provides excellent support, which is especially noticeable during longer rides. The luxurious filling provided a soft and pleasant experience, without sacrificing support.

Waterproofing: Tested and Approved

The waterproof aspect of this saddle is an absolute winner. We tested the saddle in various weather conditions, and it held up extremely well. No more worries about a wet saddle on your e-bike after a rain shower!

Suitable for Everyone

What really struck us was how well this saddle worked for different types of bikes and riders. Whether it's a leisurely ride through the city or an active tour through the countryside, the FOSADDLE Luxe saddle offers consistent comfort and support.

3. The Best Bicycle Saddle Racing Bike: R2B Bicycle Saddle for Cycling Bikes

In our ongoing search for the perfect cycling material, we recently tested the R2B Bicycle Saddle for racing bicycles. This saddle promises a combination of sportiness and high performance, specially designed for the enthusiastic cyclist.

It is a narrower saddle with an aerodynamic design, which contributes to the sporty appearance. The finish and materials feel high-quality, which immediately made us enthusiastic to test the saddle. Below we share our findings.

Flawless and Compatible

The installation of the saddle on our road bikes went smoothly. The saddle fit perfectly and was easy to adjust, which gave us the opportunity to get on the road quickly. This universal design is ideal for cyclists who like to use different bikes.

Driving Experience: Incredible Comfort and Response

During our first rides we immediately noticed the difference. The R2B Bicycle Saddle offers an excellent balance between comfort and response. For cyclists who cover long distances, this saddle provides the necessary support without becoming uncomfortable. The shape and material of the saddle ensure optimal power transfer and efficiency when pedaling.

Durability: Built for the Long Term

Another aspect we noticed was the durability of the saddle. After several rides and in different weather conditions, the saddle retained its shape and comfort. This is essential for cyclists who use their equipment intensively.

After extensive testing, we are convinced of the quality and performance of the R2B Bicycle Saddle for road bikes. It is an ideal choice for cyclists looking for a saddle that offers both comfort and performance. Whether you are an amateur or an experienced cyclist, this saddle is an excellent addition to your equipment.

4. Best waterproof bicycle saddle: Contec City Tour Women's Bicycle Saddle Anatomic 2

The weather in the Netherlands can of course vary enormously, from sunny days to spontaneous rain showers. A wet saddle is a major irritation for everyday cyclists. A waterproof saddle should provide a solution to this problem.

We have tested the bicycle saddle from Contec to see whether this bicycle saddle is suitable for all weather conditions.

The black, waterproof material gives an impression of durability and practicality. This saddle has a modern look that fits well with city bikes.

Installation: Simple and Universal

Installing the saddle was a piece of cake. It fits easily on our bikes thanks to its universal mounting system. This made it possible for us to quickly hit the road and test the saddle in practice.

Comfort: Anatomical Design Makes the Difference

During our rides through the city, the anatomical design of the saddle was immediately noticeable. The best saddle provides excellent support and is specifically designed for the female body, resulting in a comfortable riding experience, even on longer rides. The soft filling significantly reduced pressure points.

Water Resistance: Perfect for the Dutch Climate

The waterproof aspect of the Contec City Tour saddle is a big plus. After an unexpected rain shower, the saddle remained dry, which makes it ideal for the changeable Dutch weather. This means less worry about a wet saddle after a shower.

5. Best Wide Bicycle Saddle: Voltano City XXXL Bicycle Saddle

We recently tested the Voltano City XXXL Bicycle Saddle, the right saddle that promises to be the solution against saddle pain with its extra wide design. As experienced cyclists, always looking for comfort and quality, we were curious to see how this saddle would perform. Here we share our experiences.

The saddle is clearly wider than standard models, which immediately suggests that it can provide extra comfort. The saddle feels robust and well made, ready for intensive use.

Smooth and Universal

Installing the saddle was easy. It came with a free saddle strap, which was a nice addition. We were able to mount the saddle on our city bikes without any problems thanks to the universal fit. Within a few minutes the saddle was ready for the first test ride.

Seating Experience: Exceptional Width and Comfort

During our rides we noticed the difference that the extra width of the Voltano City XXXL saddle makes. It provides significantly more support and reduces pressure points, which is a relief, especially on long rides. We experienced significantly less saddle soreness than with standard saddles.

Comparison with a soft saddle

Many people think that a softer saddle is automatically more comfortable and better for you than a harder saddle. In reality, we notice that a soft saddle is often more likely to cause complaints, it is easier to sink through the saddle and the saddle does not last as long. A comfortable saddle is a balance of strength and comfort.

The most frequently asked questions about bicycle saddles

Is it better to have a hard saddle or a soft saddle?

The choice between a hard or soft bicycle saddle depends on several factors, such as the type of cycling you do, your personal anatomy and comfort preferences. Here are some considerations:

  1. Type of bicycles:

    • Long distances/Road bikes: A harder saddle is often recommended for longer rides or racing bikes. A harder saddle offers better support and more efficient power transfer when pedaling. It also prevents you from sinking in the saddle, which can lead to increased friction and therefore discomfort or saddle pain.
    • Short Distance/City Cycling: For shorter rides or casual cycling, a softer saddle may be more comfortable. It offers more cushioning and is more comfortable for an upright cycling position, as is often the case with city bikes.
  2. Personal anatomy and comfort:

    • Every body is different. Some people find a harder saddle more comfortable because it puts less pressure on the soft tissues. Others prefer a softer saddle for extra cushioning.
    • It is important to consider what you are comfortable sitting on and whether you experience any pressure points or pain after cycling.
  3. Saddle shape and fit:

    • The shape of the saddle is just as important as its hardness. A saddle that fits your sit bones and cycling position can be either hard or soft.
    • A professional saddle measurement can help you find the right saddle for your body.
  4. Habituation:

    • It can take some time to get used to a new saddle. A harder saddle may feel uncomfortable at first, but many cyclists find that after a period of adjustment they find it more comfortable.

What to do about saddle pain on the bike?

Saddle pain while cycling can be very uncomfortable, but there are several ways to prevent or reduce this. Here are some tips:

  1. Choose the Right Saddle:

    • Make sure you have a saddle that suits your body type and the type of cycling you do. A saddle should be wide enough to support your sit bones, but not so wide that it causes friction.
    • Try different types of saddles to see which suits you best.
  2. Adjust your saddle correctly:

    • Make sure your saddle is set to the correct height. A saddle that is too high or too low can lead to discomfort.
    • The tilt of the saddle is also important. A slight tilt forward or backward can make a big difference in comfort.
  3. Build up distance and time gradually:

    • If you are new to cycling or after a long break, build up your distance and time gradually. This gives your body time to adapt to sitting on a saddle.
  4. Get up regularly:

    • On longer rides, try to get out of the saddle occasionally to reduce the pressure on your bottom.
  5. Watch Your Posture:

    • A good cycling position can reduce the pressure on the saddle. Make sure you don't lean forward or back too much.

Remember that a little discomfort may be normal when you first start cycling, but persistent pain is not. If you constantly suffer from saddle pain, it is important to determine the cause and address it.

Why is there a hole in a bicycle saddle?

The hole in some bicycle saddles, commonly found in saddles designed for road and mountain bikes, has a specific purpose. This design, known as a "recess" or "cut-out", is intended for several reasons:

  1. Reducing Pressure: The main purpose of the hole is to reduce pressure on the perineal region (the area between the sit bones, where sensitive nerves and blood vessels run). In some people, prolonged pressure in this area can lead to discomfort, numbness, or pain. The recess helps reduce this pressure and promotes better blood circulation.

  2. Improved Blood Flow: By reducing pressure on the perineal region, a saddle with a hole can help promote better blood flow to the legs. This is especially important on longer rides, where restricted blood circulation can lead to numbness or tingling.

  3. Increased Comfort: For some cyclists, a saddle with a cutout offers a more comfortable riding experience, especially over long distances. It helps to reduce pressure points and can reduce the need to change positions frequently.

  4. Anatomical Differences: Men and women have different anatomies, and saddles with cutouts can be particularly beneficial for women because they reduce pressure on softer tissues. However, there are also many men who prefer saddles with a cutout for similar reasons.

  5. Cooling and Ventilation: A hole in the saddle can also provide extra ventilation, which helps to reduce overheating and sweat build-up, especially in hot weather or intense exercise.

It is important to note that not everyone will benefit from a saddle with a cutout. The effectiveness of this design depends on individual anatomy, riding style and personal preference. Some cyclists find more comfort in a full saddle without a cutout. It is therefore always advisable to try out different saddle types to see what suits you best.

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