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Cycling is a fantastic way to get around and keep fit, but it's also important to be safe, especially at night or in bad weather conditions. One of the most important aspects of bicycle safety is having good bicycle lighting.

Fortunately, there are countless options on the market today when it comes to bicycle lights. But how do you choose the best lighting for your bicycle? To help you get started, we have listed the five best bicycle lights of 2024. Whether you're looking for a powerful headlight for evening road trips or a set of lights for off-road riding, we have something for everyone.

Read on to discover which bicycle lights are the best and why they are a must-have for any cyclist who wants to stay safe on the road. With these lights you can cycle with confidence and pleasure in the dark!

The Top 5 Best Bicycle Lights at a glance:

  1. Easy Nova LED Bicycle Light Set - Best Bicycle Light 2024
  2. B-care Electric Bicycle Lights - Best Bicycle Lights Racing Bike
  3. ROCKBROS – Rear Light with Sensor - Best Rear Light for Road Bike
  4. Inlustro Bicycle Light Set - Best Rechargeable Bicycle Lights
  5. AXA Classic Battery 4 Lux - Best battery powered headlamp

Below you will find our extensive review of the Best Bicycle Lights:

1. Easy Nova LED Bicycle Light Set - Best bicycle lamp 2024

The Easynova LED bicycle lighting set is the best bicycle lamp for every cyclist who wants to stay safe in traffic. With powerful lighting of 300 lumens, this set ensures optimal visibility and safety. With the best bicycle lighting set you are assured of powerful and reliable lighting while cycling. Thanks to the waterproof design and the different light modes, this set is suitable for all weather conditions and for anyone who takes safety seriously. In combination with the excellent price, this bicycle lamp is the best bicycle lighting of 2024.


Complete set, suitable for any bicycle : The lights are easy to attach to any type of bicycle using the flexible rubbers, which means that the best bicycle lighting is suitable for all types of bicycles.

Powerful lighting : The durable LED lamps provide bright lighting of 300 lumens, which means you are always clearly visible in traffic.

Rechargeable via USB : The best bicycle lights are rechargeable via USB, so you don't have to hassle with replacing batteries. Moreover, the set can run for up to 16 hours after a full charge.


Battery life : The 6-hour battery life may be short for longer rides. It is therefore advisable to charge the lights during rest breaks or to combine this set with an extra power bank.

2. B-care Electric Bicycle Lights - Best Bicycle Lights Racing Bike

The B-care electric bicycle light with turn signal is a very handy and multifunctional bicycle light that is specially designed to improve the safety of cyclists. The B-care bicycle lamp is a handy and safe option for cyclists who often cycle. It is the best bicycle lighting for racing bikes because it is easy to attach and can indicate your direction during your tour. One of the best features of the bicycle lamp is the anti-theft alarm that can be activated.


Multifunctional : The bicycle lamp has a waterproof design, is made of high-quality material and contains various functions such as turn signals, an electric bell, a brake light, a warning light and an anti-theft alarm.

Easy to operate : With the remote control you can easily operate the bicycle lamp and select the different functions, such as the turn signal, alarm, warning light, 6 light modes, electric bell and lock.

Rechargeable with USB : These bicycle lights are rechargeable with USB, which means you don't have to replace batteries. Moreover, the battery lasts up to 70 hours after a full charge.


Turn signal dependent on remote control : The turn signal can only be operated with the remote control, making it necessary to keep it at hand while cycling.

3. ROCKBROS – Rear Light with Sensor - Best Rear Light for Road Bike

The Rockbros sensor rear light is an excellent choice for any cyclist who takes safety seriously. This rear light is the best racing bike rear light because it is easy to connect and the bright brightness makes you clearly visible to others on the road. With automatic brake lighting, long-lasting battery and water-repellent and shock-resistant properties, this rear light is an excellent choice for anyone who loves cycling.


Automatic brake lighting : The rear light has a built-in sensor that automatically makes it shine brighter when you brake. This provides extra safety and clarity for drivers behind you.

Long-lasting battery : The taillight can stay on between 30 and 50 hours without charging, depending on which mode you use. This makes it a very convenient and reliable option for long bike rides.

Water-repellent and shock-resistant : The rear light is water-repellent and can withstand shocks thanks to the silicone connection. This makes it resistant to various weather conditions and the impact of bumpy roads.


Limited Modes : The rear light only has four different modes, limiting options for cyclists looking for more advanced light modes.

4. Inlustro Bicycle Light Set - Best Rechargeable Bicycle Lights

The Inlustro bicycle lamp set is an excellent choice for any cyclist who is looking for a nice combination of a front lamp and rear lamp. With the long battery life, different light modes and easy installation, this bicycle light set is ideal for a cycling fanatic. Furthermore, this is the best rechargeable bicycle lighting because the batteries can be charged.


Long battery life: The front light has a battery life of up to 58 hours and the rear light up to 25 hours in the lowest setting. This means you don't have to replace the batteries every time and it also saves you money on purchasing new batteries.

Different light modes : The front light has 8 different light modes and the rear light has no fewer than 12, so you can adjust the lighting as desired.

Easy installation: The bicycle lights are easy to install without the use of tools. The lights can be attached to your bike in no time in three simple steps.


No special extra functions : Although the bicycle lamp set is reliable and of good quality, it does not offer special extra functions that some other bicycle lamps have, such as anti-theft protection or turn signals.

5. AXA Classic Battery 4 Lux - Best Battery Powered Headlamp

The AXA Classic Battery 4 Lux is an excellent choice for any cyclist who is looking for a classic and reliable bicycle lamp. With its good visibility, suitability for almost all bicycles and battery-powered operation, this is the best battery-powered headlamp. Furthermore, this classic bicycle lamp is perfect for city riding.


Suitable for almost all bicycles : The headlight can be mounted on almost all bicycles and is ideal for retro and granny bicycles due to its classic design.

Good visibility : With a light output of 4 Lux, this bicycle lamp ensures that you are seen at a distance of 1,000 meters and that your view is illuminated up to 15 meters.

Battery operated : The best headlamp runs on 3 included AAA batteries that give you 50 hours of cycling fun, which is useful for people who do not have a dynamo on their bike.


Limited light output : Although the light output of 4 Lux is sufficient for most urban environments, it may be insufficient for situations where more light is needed, such as in the dark on an unlit road.

The 10 best-selling bicycle lights on

After looking at the top 5 best bicycle lights you will have an idea of ​​what is important for a bicycle light and what options you have. Have you not yet been able to make a choice or would you like to see what other good bicycle lights are available? Then click here to view the 10 best-selling bicycle lamps from

FAQ: Read the most frequently asked questions about the best bicycle lighting below!

1. How much is a fine for no lights on a bicycle?

The amount of the fine for cycling without lights depends on the country you are in and can vary. In the Netherlands, for example, the fine for cycling without lights is €55. In Belgium, the fine is between €10 and €58, depending on the circumstances. It is always wise to ensure that your bicycle lighting is in order to avoid a fine and, above all, for your own safety.

2. I want to buy a bicycle lamp, what should I pay attention to?

  1. Laws and regulations : Check the laws and regulations regarding bicycle lighting in your country. Find out what types of lights (solid or flashing) and what colors are allowed.

  2. Brightness : Check the brightness of the lighting. The higher the number of lumens, the brighter the light and the more visible you are to other road users.

  3. Battery life : Look at the battery life of the bicycle lights. A longer battery life is useful, especially if you cycle a lot at night. Also consider rechargeable batteries to save costs in the long run.

  4. Watertightness : Check whether the bicycle lights are waterproof. This is especially important if you are cycling in a rainy climate.

  5. Mounting : Look at the mounting system of the bicycle lights. Make sure it is sturdy and easy to mount on your bike.

  6. Additional functions : Check whether the bicycle lights have additional functions, such as anti-theft protection, direction indicators, brake light or automatic on/off function.

Now that you have been provided with some advice about the best bicycle lights of 2024, it is time to buy a new bicycle light. This way you can cross the road safely and ensure that you do not get a fine for missing lights. To avoid another fine, such as using your phone while cycling, it is important to know what the rules are. View our blog about the fine telephone bicycle here.

With the help of a bicycle phone holder you can ensure that you can continue to use your phone while cycling. For example, you can continue to follow your route or play music. View all bicycle phone holders from R2B Store here.

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