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In our search for the best cycling shorts, we conducted an extensive series of tests on various models, ranging from short to long cycling shorts and everything in between. The ideal cycling shorts should be a combination of comfort, durability and functionality, suitable for both short rides and longer tours. Important aspects such as breathability, the quality of the chamois, and the ability of the chamois to absorb shock are central to our assessment. Good cycling shorts fit perfectly, support the cycling position, and prevent saddle pain, which is essential for both recreational cyclists and experienced cyclists.

Our testing focused on features like stretchy Lycra for a snug fit, flat seams that prevent irritation, and silicone grippers that keep the pants in place. We looked at the diversity in the online range. Each model is rated on its ability to keep the seat cool and how well the chamois absorbs shock during long distances. We share our insights on which cycling shorts are the best, to help you choose the right cycling shorts that are both comfortable and extremely comfortable to wear during your cycling adventures.

The Top 5 Best Cycling Shorts at a glance

1. Best Cycling Shorts of 2024: Acelera Essential Cycling Shorts

The Acelera Essential cycling shorts with chamois are a versatile choice for both men and women who value comfort and performance. These cycling shorts are designed to provide support on long rides, with a focus on durability and fit. The combination of a good chamois and breathable fabrics makes these pants suitable for both experienced cyclists and recreational users.

Comfortable chamois

Our tests clearly showed that the chamois has excellent shock absorption, which is essential to prevent saddle sores during longer rides. The chamois provides continuous comfort, which contributes to a better cycling experience.

Excellent Fit

During our rides, the elastic fabric of the pants proved to provide light compression that is not only comfortable, but also promotes blood circulation and reduces fatigue. This is an ideal feature for long distances.

Durability and Maintenance

The material of the Acelera Essential cycling shorts is not only breathable but also extremely durable. Washing cycling shorts is easy and the shorts retain their shape and functionality even after several washes, making them good cycling shorts for regular use.

2. Best Cycling Shorts Men: Acelera Intermediate Men's Cycling Shorts

The Acelera Intermediate cycling shorts with bibs are designed for men and combine functionality with comfort. These shorts have a comfortable chamois that is specially designed for longer rides. The addition of suspenders ensures an excellent fit that stays in place while cycling, ideal for avid cyclists and long tours .

Stable Fit

Our tests showed that the braces ensure that the cycling shorts stay in place excellently, providing constant support without adjustments while riding. This is especially important for longer rides where comfort is crucial.

High-quality chamois

During our rides it turned out that the chamois offers exceptional comfort and absorbs shock well. This significantly reduces the risk of saddle sores and makes it an ideal choice for both competitive and recreational riding.

Breathable Materials

The fabric of the pants keeps the seat cool and dry, even during intensive efforts or in warmer conditions. This contributes to overall comfort and performance, making the trousers suitable for all kinds of weather conditions.

3. Best Cycling Shorts Women: Rogelli Core Cycling Shorts Women

The Rogelli Core cycling shorts for women are specially designed to provide comfort and style while cycling. These pants are characterized by a specific women's fit that fits well in the cycling position, and are made of materials that are both flexible and supportive. With its high-quality finish and practical functions, this is an ideal choice for avid cyclists and recreational cyclists.

Suitable for Longer Rides

During our tests, the chamois of the Rogelli Core shorts proved to provide excellent comfort on long rides. The good chamois contributes to a comfortable ride without irritation or discomfort.

Cool and Dry

The breathable fabric of these women's cycling shorts helped to keep the seat cool and dry, even during intense rides in warm weather. This aspect is crucial for comfort on the bike, especially during the summer months.

Elastic Fit

The elastic materials ensure that the pants fit tightly and comfortably, without pinching or restricting freedom of movement. Our rides showed that these pants are ideal for both short sprints and long tours, thanks to their consistent fit and comfort.

4. Best Chamois Cycling Shorts: BikeBoxer Cycling Shorts with Chamois

The BikeBoxer cycling shorts with chamois are specifically designed to increase the comfort of e-bike riders. These pants combine an effective chamois with a secure fit that contributes to a comfortable ride, even over long distances. The cycling shorts are focused on both comfort and durability.

Specific for E-bike Use

Our tests showed that the chamois has been specially adapted for the typical e-bike cycling position, which provides extra comfort during longer rides on electric bicycles.

Durable materials

During the rides we noticed that the material of the pants is very robust, which is essential for regular use and frequent washing. The trousers retain their shape and functionality, making them a long-lasting investment.

Comfort and Flexibility

The chamois and the overall design of the pants provide a high degree of comfort and flexibility, making them a good fit for different body shapes and sizes. This makes it an excellent choice for the recreational cyclist who values ​​comfort.

5. Best Cycling Shorts Women without Braces: Craft Rise Shorts Cycling Shorts Women

The Craft Rise Shorts for women are women's cycling shorts that are extremely lightweight and stylish. These cycling shorts are specially designed for female cyclists. These shorts emphasize comfort and freedom of movement, with a high-quality finish and a chamois designed for both short sprints and long distances.

Optimal Freedom of Movement

Our tests showed that the elastic fabric provides excellent freedom of movement, essential for maneuvering on the bike. This is especially valuable for avid cyclists who require flexibility.

Cool and Comfortable

The pants help to keep the seat cool and dry thanks to their breathable materials. This is crucial during longer rides or warmer days, keeping the cyclist comfortable in all conditions.

Soft and Effective Chamois

The chamois in the Craft Rise Shorts provides excellent comfort and protection against saddle sores, which we liked on longer tours. The chamois absorbs shocks excellently, which significantly reduces pressure during long bike rides.

Frequently asked questions about the best cycling shorts

What is better, short cycling shorts or long cycling shorts?

The choice between short cycling pants and long cycling pants mainly depends on the season, personal preference and the specific requirements of your cycling tours. Cycling shorts, often equipped with a silicone gripper on the legs, offer excellent breathability and are ideal for warm weather. They are generally the best choice for racing cyclists due to their light weight and ability to keep cool.

Long or three-quarter cycling shorts offer more coverage and are better suited to cooler conditions, and often include a chamois that absorbs shock, essential for comfort on long rides. Both styles are available in a range of cycling shorts that range from cheaper entry-level models to high-end options such as the Assos Mille GT, all designed to provide optimal fit and comfort, making them good cycling shorts for most cyclists.

How do you recognize a good chamois with cycling shorts?

You can recognize a good chamois for cycling shorts by paying attention to some important features. First, the chamois should be thick enough to provide comfort but not too bulky that it hinders freedom of movement. The material must be breathable to effectively wick away moisture and prevent skin irritation. In addition, a good chamois is often seamless and anatomically shaped to fit well to the body and minimize pressure points. Finally, it is essential that the chamois absorbs shock, especially on long rides, to reduce saddle pain and increase comfort.

Is it useful to have breathable cycling shorts during longer rides?

Yes, it is very useful to have cycling shorts with good breathability during longer rides. Breathable pants help to efficiently dissipate excess heat and sweat, which is crucial for maintaining comfort and avoiding skin irritation. This is especially important during intense exercise or in warmer climates, where overheating can happen quickly. In addition, breathable cycling shorts help keep the seat cool and dry, reducing the risk of chafing and bacterial infections. In short, for long rides, breathable cycling shorts make an essential contribution to both performance and comfort.

What other essential bicycle accessories do I need?

In addition to good cycling pants, there are some indispensable cycling accessories that can make your ride more comfortable and efficient. A bicycle phone holder is ideal for keeping your navigation and apps within reach without stopping or losing your focus. A comfortable and well-fitting bicycle saddle can make a world of difference, especially on long tours, by providing the necessary support and reducing saddle pain. A bicycle pump is essential for keeping your tires at optimal pressure, which helps reduce rolling resistance and prevent punctures. Finally, cycling glasses are not only stylish, but also protect your eyes against UV rays, wind, and dirt, which is crucial for both safety and comfort while riding. These bicycle accessories not only increase your comfort, but also improve your performance on the bike.

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