Bicycle phone holder

Nowadays, a bicycle phone holder is an indispensable gadget to be able to travel safely on the road. To always deliver the best quality, we have tested many bicycle phone holders. With this phone holder you can cycle safely and avoid fines! Only the bicycle phone holder with a good price/quality ratio, sustainable production and a long lifespan have been added to our range. 

R2B Waterproof Phone Holder Bicycle - Also suitable for scooter and motorcycle - Model The Hague - Black/Red


R2B Robust Bike Phone Holder, mtb, scooter and motorcycle with safety lock - Model Delft


R2B Phone mount bike, for scooter and motorcycle with click system - Model Gouda


R2B Bicycle Phone Holder, for scooter and motorcycle waterproof - Model The Hague - Black


R2B Phone Holder Bicycle, for scooter and motorcycle waterproof - Model The Hague - Black/Blue


Phone holder bike, scooter and motorcycle with elastic system - Model Rotterdam


R2B Robust phone holder bike, for scooter and motorcycle waterproof - Model Leiden


Cycling with a bicycle phone holder is an excellent way to keep your smartphone safe and easily accessible while riding. Whether you need navigation, want to listen to music or answer calls, a bicycle phone holder ensures that your phone is always within reach.

Our collection of bicycle phone holders offers different models, so you can find the perfect holder to suit your needs and cycling style. There are different phone holders, view the collection to find a phone holder suitable for you. Here are some benefits of using a bicycle phone holder:

Security and Visibility

A bicycle phone holder ensures a safe and stable placement of your smartphone. This means you no longer have to take your hands off the handlebars to operate your phone, which significantly increases safety while cycling. Your screen remains usable in the waterproof cover and your phone sits firmly in the right holder.

Easy access

A bicycle phone holder gives you instant access to your smartphone, meaning you can easily follow navigation, answer incoming calls and play your favorite music without having to stop and take your phone out of your pocket. The best phone holder with a neatly processed click system is the "Gouda" model. You can easily click the phone holder off your handlebars and quickly store the holder when you have finished cycling. The universal holders do not cover the USB port, which means that the USB port of all the best phone holders is accessible to charge the phone. Wireless charging is not possible without a power bank. Mount the bicycle phone holder on your electric bicycle and travel safely.

Universal Compatibility

Most of our bicycle phone holders are designed with universal compatibility, so they fit a wide range of smartphones. This means you don't have to worry about finding a specific holder for your phone model. Whether you have a Samsung Galaxy, Huawei, iPhone 11 or one of the other iPhones, the R2B universal holder is suitable for you! The universal phone holder is not only suitable for most smartphones, the universal holders are also suitable for mounting on different handlebars. The adjustable connections make it easy to mount your holder on a thick handlebar and your phone stays firmly in the smartphone holder. The bicycle phone holder is also suitable for e-bikes.

Easy Installation

Our bicycle phone holders are easy to install and can be securely attached to the handlebars of your bicycle. This ensures a problem-free and secure attachment of your smartphone while cycling.

Discover our extensive range of bicycle phone holders and choose the best bicycle phone holder that suits your needs and cycling style. Enhance your cycling experience and enjoy a safer and more convenient way to use your smartphone while you're out and about.