The Best Fatbike Slot

At a time when the popularity of e-bikes, especially fat bikes, continues to rise, concerns about their safety are increasing. Recent reporting has revealed that insurers are becoming increasingly reluctant to insure these bicycles due to "extremely high theft risks". Fat bikes are a target for thieves, especially in the Randstad. This is because these bicycles are often not properly locked and have a high value. This has led to a growing need for bicycle owners to invest in the best bicycle locks to protect their valuable possessions.

In this blog we therefore discuss the best bicycle locks for electric Fatbikes bicycles. For example, you can choose between a chain lock, U-lock and folding lock. And you can even opt for locks with an alarm and GPS tracking options with an extra budget.

The Best Bicycle Lock for Fatbike - ABUS Iven 8210 chain lock

The Abus iven 8210 Chain Lock is not just any fat bike lock. It is a high-quality chain lock that not only protects your bicycle against theft, but has also been awarded as winner of the ANWB lock test 2022 in the ART 2 approved locks category.

Now that fewer and fewer insurance companies are offering compensation in the event of the theft of your fat bike, the best fat bike lock is crucial to protect your bicycle. But what makes this lock so special and is it worth the investment? Let's take a look at the advantages and disadvantage of this slot.


✅ ART-2 quality mark: The ART-2 quality mark is an important quality mark in the world of bicycle locks. This means that the lock meets strict safety requirements and that you can insure your bicycle against theft. It is a sign of trust and quality.

Durable chain cover: The Abus iven 8210 is equipped with the IvyTex chain cover. This cover is not only wear-resistant, UV-resistant and water and dirt-repellent, but also protects the paintwork of your bicycle against damage. In addition, it offers optimal protection against corrosion, which means your lock will last longer.

2 keys included: The fat bike lock comes with two keys, which is always handy in case you lose one. In addition, the lock has a standard 2-year manufacturer's warranty, which provides extra security for the user.


❌ Relatively expensive: Although the lock offers many advantages, it is relatively expensive compared to other locks on the market. However, given the quality and additional security features, it may be worth the investment for those looking for a top-rated bike lock.

3 alternatives for the best fat bike lock

Fatbike Chain Lock - AXA Linq Pro 100 Chain Lock

The AXA LINQ Pro 100 Chain Lock is a high-quality Fatbike lock designed to maximize the security of your bicycle. With its rugged construction and advanced security features, this fat bike chain lock provides peace of mind and protection against theft. A number of advantages of this lock are: Extra thick links, secure closure, including protective cover and easy to transport. Thanks to this fatbike lock, you can lock your bike with peace of mind.

Foldable Fatbike lock - VINZ Lhotse Folding lock

The Vinz Lhotse Folding Lock is a practical and compact bicycle lock that provides excellent security for different types of bicycles. With its folding mechanism and robust construction, this lock is ideal for anyone looking for a convenient and effective way to protect their bike. Some advantages of this fat bike lock are: The foldable design, including mounting system, universal use and portable. This lock can also serve as an extra lock on top of a chain lock or padlock. This way you can ensure that your bicycle is doubly secured.

Fatbike lock with alarm - PIXMY - 2-in-1 bicycle lock with alarm

The PIXMY 2-in-1 Fatbike Lock with Alarm is an innovative and versatile solution for securing your fatbike. This bicycle lock not only provides a sturdy chain to prevent theft, but it is also equipped with a powerful built-in alarm that acts as a deterrent and provides extra protection for your valuables. Some of the advantages of this are: Powerful alarm, durable, easy to use and protection against manipulation.

Tips for better securing your Fatbike

E-bike theft prevention is one of the most discussed topics at the moment. We have listed a number of tips to ensure that you make it as difficult as possible for thieves to steal your e-bike. For example, multiple locks can provide extra Fatbike security.

Using multiple locks:

  • Different types of locks: By using different types of locks, such as a U-lock in combination with a chain lock, you make it more difficult for thieves. They then need different tools to break both locks. View the best U-locks here that you can combine with other fat bike locks.
  • Secure your bicycle to a fixed object: Make sure you always secure your bicycle to a fixed object, such as a bicycle rack or a pole. This prevents thieves from simply lifting your bike and taking it away.

Make sure you park your bike in a safe place:

  • Choose a well-lit spot: Thieves prefer dark, secluded places. By parking your bicycle in a well-lit and busy place, you reduce the risk of theft.
  • Use official bicycle sheds: Many cities have guarded bicycle sheds. Although this may sometimes cost a bit, it provides extra safety for your valuable e-bike.
  • Avoid fixed routines: Try not to park your bike in the same place and at the same time every day. Thieves can notice routines and take advantage of them.

Registering your bike:

  • Note the frame number: Every bicycle has a unique frame number. Make a note of this and keep it in a safe place. In the event of theft, this can help you find your bicycle.
  • Take photos: Take clear photos of your bike, especially any unique features. This can be useful for the police and insurance.
  • Use registration services: There are various online platforms and apps where you can register your bicycle. If your bicycle is stolen, this can help in tracing.

E-bikes, especially models such as fat bikes, are a significant investment. With rising theft rates, it is essential to be proactive in securing your bicycle. It is not only about the financial aspect, but also about the convenience and freedom that an e-bike offers. By thinking ahead and taking the right security measures, you can enjoy your bike with peace of mind.

Invest in a good lock, or better yet, several locks . Always be vigilant and aware of where and how you store your bicycle. In a world where e-bike thefts are commonplace, a little extra caution is a small price to pay for peace of mind. Is there no suitable bicycle lock listed here yet? Then view our blog about several bicycle locks here.