Better concentration thanks to a clean workplace

5 Tips for a cleaner workplace

Thanks to a clean workplace, you can ensure more concentration and better focus while working. But how do you ensure that your workplace is clean, but also remains safe. After reading this blog, you can ensure that you work better and feel good about your workplace.

Tip 1: Schedule a fixed cleaning time

Choosing a fixed time of the day or week to tidy up your desk gives you a certain peace and routine. An example of this is to always put your glasses and containers in the kitchen at the end of the day. Another useful example is to clear a certain part of your desk once a week, so you can use the keyboard one week and the mouse the next.

Tip 2: Organize your papers

A common problem is that you have a lot of papers lying around on your desk in your office. They are often letters or sticky notes that you want to keep close to you so that you are reminded. This can quickly pile up and before you know it you have lost the overview.

An idea to organize your papers is a desk organizer, thanks to this accessory you can store and arrange your papers so that you can always access them easily. Another solution to this problem is to scan the papers so that you can throw the papers away and manage the documents on your computer.

Tip 3: Minimize eating at your desk

Eating at your desk can quickly lead to an overload of crumbs. These crumbs can get between your keys or dirty your screen. If this bothers you a lot, it is an idea to make an agreement with yourself not to eat at your desk anymore. If you still want this, you can opt for a desk mat or store your keyboard so that the crumbs cannot get in between.

Tip 4: Keep cleaning supplies within reach

To keep track of the cleaning of your desk and the items on your desk, it is useful to keep some cleaning supplies on hand. An example of this is a damp cloth that you can use to clean your belongings. Accessories such as coasters can also ensure that your desk stays clean after cleaning. One of the best accessories is the desk vacuum cleaner , thanks to this vacuum cleaner you can clean your desk best. You can even ensure a cleaner floor between the keys.

Clean workspace = Clear mind”

—Marie Kondo

Tip 5: Use cable management

Cables and cords can quickly create a mess in your workplace. Use cable management solutions, such as cable trays, Velcro strips or wire clips, to keep the cables neatly organized and out of the way. This not only prevents clutter, but also helps reduce tripping hazards. You can also invest in wireless devices such as a wireless mouse and keyboard. The hardest part about a clean workplace is keeping your workplace clean. Once you notice the pleasant effects of a clean desk, you can be sure that you will not want it any other way. With the help of the expert advice from make your choice, you can find the best accessories to keep your workplace clean.

The 3 most important benefits of a clean workplace

Improved Productivity: A clean and organized workplace promotes an efficient work environment. You can find the materials and documents you need more easily, meaning you waste less time looking for things. This increases productivity and helps you complete your tasks faster.

Reduced stress: A tidy workplace can contribute to a feeling of calm and reduced stress. A cluttered environment can be distracting and can create a feeling of chaos and unrest. Maintaining a clean workspace creates a calm environment that helps you concentrate and feel better.

Improved concentration: A clean workplace reduces distractions and makes it easier to focus on your tasks. A tidy environment helps you stay focused and focus your energy on what's important, allowing you to work more productively.

Now that you know how to clean your workplace, but more importantly keep it clean, it's time to get to work. Set new goals and get ready to achieve them.