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Mountain biking is not only an exciting and challenging sport, but also an excellent way to stay in shape and explore nature. Whether you're biking rocky trails or climbing steep slopes, the right mountain bike can significantly enhance your experience. These bikes are specifically designed to handle rough terrain, making them indispensable for the adventurous cyclist. The benefits of a good mountain bike include better control, greater durability, and the ability to safely and efficiently navigate difficult trails.

What did we pay attention to during testing?

When testing different mountain bikes, we paid particular attention to the following aspects:

  1. Frame and build quality : The construction of the frame is crucial as it affects the durability and overall handling of the bike. We looked at both aluminum and carbon frames to assess their strength, flexibility and responsiveness in different conditions.

  2. Suspension and shock absorption : Good suspension is essential for comfortable and safe descent on rough trails. We tested the performance of both front and full suspension systems to see how effectively they absorb shock over uneven terrain.

  3. Tires and grip : The tires play a key role in the traction and control of a mountain bike. We tested different tire types and profiles in mud, sand and on rocky surfaces.

  4. Gears and brakes : The quality and responsiveness of gears and brakes can make all the difference on a challenging course. We specifically looked at the smoothness of shifting and the reliability of the brakes in wet and dry conditions.

  5. Comfort and ergonomics : A mountain bike should be comfortable, even on long rides. We evaluated how good the bikes feel and how the ergonomic features such as saddle and handlebars contribute to reduced fatigue and increased riding pleasure.

After spending many hours on the trails with different mountain bikes, we have come to some detailed conclusions about which models perform best in specific conditions. Our goal is to help you find the mountain bike that best suits your style and needs , so you can face every adventure with confidence.

The top 5 best mountain bikes at a glance

1. Best Mountain Bike of 2024: Rucanor Lux - Mountain Bike - 29 Inch - 21 Gears - Silver/Black

The Rucanor Lux Bicycle has been recognized as one of the best mountain bikes of 2024. We recently had the opportunity to extensively test this good bicycle. Known for its versatility and robustness, this model has been put to the test by our team under various conditions. Check out the full review below!


One of the most striking features of the Rucanor Lux Bicycle is its lightweight frame. This not only makes the bike easy to handle, but also particularly suitable for both daily use and longer bike rides. During our test rides, we noticed how easy the bike was to maneuver, even on tight and winding trails.

High quality braking system

Equipped with high-quality brakes, this bike provides reliable and powerful stopping power, which is essential for cyclist safety. During testing in different weather conditions, from dry to wet, the brakes performed consistently.

Big tires from Byte Funes

The Rucanor Lux Bicycle is equipped with thick tires from Byte Funes, which are specially designed to provide excellent grip and comfort. These tires have proven to be very effective on both paved roads and light unpaved terrain. The extra thickness of the tires provides increased comfort by absorbing shocks on rough surfaces.

2. Best mountain bike with wide tires: Altec Camaro Mountain Bike 29 inch 21v

We recently thoroughly tested the new mountain bike from Altec. With its striking design and rugged build, the Camaro is designed to meet the challenges of both rugged trails and urban environments.

Whether you prefer exploring mountain trails or cruising city streets, the Altec Camaro offers the performance and comfort you need to enjoy every ride.

Aluminum frame
One of the first things we noticed about the Altec Camaro was its lightweight aluminum frame. This material is not only durable but also surprisingly light, which is a major advantage when climbing hills and maneuvering through technical courses. Our testing sessions showed how much easier it is to gain and maintain speed, thanks to the frame's lightweight structure.

Suspension fork
The suspension fork of the Altec Camaro has made our rides considerably more comfortable. This front fork provides effective damping of shocks and vibrations caused by uneven terrain. Whether we were riding over loose rocks or tree roots, the suspension responded adequately and helped maintain control of the bike.

21 gears for every situation

The Altec Camaro mountain bike comes with a set of 21 gears, making it easy to find the right cadence and power for any terrain. During our test drives we tested the gears extensively, from steep climbs to fast descents. The bike shifted smoothly and without any hitches, contributing to a seamless and enjoyable cycling experience.

3. The best MTB with lightweight aluminum frame: Altec King Mountain Bike 29 inch V-Brakes 21v

Designed for both novice and experienced mountain bikers, this bike offers a range of features intended to make every ride as smooth and safe as possible. It is one of the best mountain bikes when it comes to weight. So it is the perfect mountain bike for someone who values ​​speed.

Double-walled rims
One of the most striking features of the Altec King Mountain Bike are the double-walled rims. These rims offer a significant improvement in durability and stiffness compared to single-wall rims. During our testing, these rims proved to be extremely robust, which is essential when navigating rough terrains and tricky trails.

Can be used in different situations
The Altec King Mountain Bike is a versatile choice suitable for a wide range of situations. Thanks to the 21 gears, we were able to easily adapt the bike to different conditions, from steep climbs to fast descents. Whether we were cycling through urban environments or venturing into off-road trails, the bike performed reliably and efficiently.

Optimal grip

The Altec King Mountain Bike is equipped with tires designed to provide optimal grip, regardless of the surface. During our test drives, on both muddy and dry trails, these tires provided excellent grip and stability. Additionally, the Altec King Mountain Bike's tires provide stability and control on technical trails, which is essential for handling difficult terrain with confidence.

4. The best electric mountain bike: BLUEWHEEL BXB75 e-bike 29“ - E-mountain bike 21 gears & rear wheel motor for 25 km/h

The best bicycles nowadays are often electric. We have also tested different types of electric mountain bikes. Out of these different types of mountain bikes, Bluewheel's MTB emerged as the best. Thanks to the rear wheel motor, you can get the assistance you desire. Check out the full review below.

Powerful rear wheel motor

The Bluewheel BXB75 is equipped with a powerful rear wheel motor that gives an impressive boost to your cycling experience. During our test drives, we noticed how the engine engaged smoothly and helped us climb steep hills and navigate challenging terrain with ease. The engine offers a maximum speed of 25 km/h, which is perfect for both commuting and recreational rides on rough terrain.

LED lighting front and rear

Safety is essential, especially when driving at dusk or at night. The Bluewheel BXB75 comes with powerful LED lighting at the front that brightly and clearly illuminated the road ahead. During evening driving, this lighting provided excellent visibility, which not only increases safety, but also the confidence to travel in lower light conditions.

Smart on-board computer

One of the most impressive features of the Bluewheel BXB75 is the smart on-board computer. This on-board computer provides real-time information about various important aspects of your ride, such as speed, distance, and battery status. We found it particularly useful to have easy access to all this data while cycling.

5. The best all terrain mountain bike: Umit Mirage Mountain Bike 27.5 inch 50cm Hydraulic Brake 21v

Finally, we were looking for a mountain bike that could support us on different surfaces. From Dutch trails to rugged cross-country descents, the Umit Mirage mountain bike could show its best side on any terrain thanks to the hydraulic disc brakes and carbon wheels.

Hydraulic brakes

One of the highlights of the Umit Mirage is without a doubt the hydraulic braking system. These powerful hydraulic disc brakes gave us exceptional stopping power with minimal effort, even in wet and muddy conditions. On descents and fast courses, the hydraulic brakes gave us great confidence with their consistent and reliable performance.

Stainless Frame

The Umit Mirage is equipped with a stainless frame, which is an important factor in the durability of the bike. During our testing period we exposed the bike to different weather conditions and terrain. The frame held up very well and showed no signs of rust or wear.

Suitable for any type of terrain

The Umit Mirage Mountain Bike excels in versatility. With its 27.5 inch wheels and carefully designed frame geometry, the bike performed excellently on both smooth roads and rugged mountain bike trails. The tires provide good grip and stability, which are essential for tackling challenging terrain. The progressive geometry was something that is certainly a plus for the experienced mountain biker.

Frequently asked questions about the best mountain bike

What different types of mountain bikes are there?

There are several types of mountain bikes, each designed for specific terrain and riding styles:

  1. Cross-Country Mountain Bikes (XC) : These are lightweight and built for speed, ideal for long distances on relatively smooth terrain. They usually have less suspension travel.

  2. Trail Mountain Bikes : Designed for general purpose use, with a balance between climbing and downhill performance. These bikes have moderate suspension travel and are versatile.

  3. Enduro/All-Mountain Bikes : Stronger and heavier than trail and cross-country bikes, with more suspension travel to handle technical and rough terrain.

  4. Downhill Mountain Bikes : Built for fast and steep descents, with heavy duty frames and maximum suspension travel to absorb big jumps and obstacles.

  5. Full Suspension mountain bikes : By installing strong springs at the front and rear, these mountain bikes can withstand a lot of impacts. These are the best hardtail bikes.

What should you pay attention to when buying a mountain bike?

When buying the ideal bicycle in the form of a mountain bike, you should pay attention to:

  1. Bike type : Choose a mountain bike type that suits your primary riding style and terrain.

  2. Frame size : Make sure the frame fits your body size for comfort and control.

  3. Wheel size : Common sizes are 26 inches, 27.5 inches and 29 inches. Larger wheels roll better over obstacles, while smaller wheels are more agile.

  4. Suspension : Decide whether you want a hardtail (front suspension only) or full suspension (front and rear suspension) depending on the terrain you want to ride.

  5. Components : Look at the quality of the gears, brakes, and wheels. Shimano and SRAM are reliable brands.

  6. Budget : Set a budget and try to find the best quality within that budget. Also consider future upgrade costs.

What type of mountain bike suits which surface?

  1. Smooth and flat trails : A cross-country mountain bike is the most suitable because of its lightweight construction and efficiency in climbing.

  2. Mixed surfaces : A trail mountain bike is ideal, thanks to the balance between climbing capabilities and comfort when descending.

  3. Rough and rocky terrain : Choose an enduro or all-mountain bike, which are more robust and better equipped for technical challenges and steep descents.

  4. Steep descents : A downhill mountain bike is best for steep and challenging descents where stability and suspension travel are priorities.

  5. Soft surfaces such as sand or snow : A fat bike, with its wide tires, offers the best traction and stability on soft or unstable surfaces.

These answers should help to effectively answer your readers' frequently asked questions and guide them in their choice of the right mountain bike.

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