Driving mono, how do you do that?

Written by: Rick Bloemkolk


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What does "mono driving" mean?

Mono driving refers to driving without distractions, specifically without the use of cell phones or other electronic devices. The word "mono" means "one" or "alone", which in this context means that the driver focuses exclusively on one task: driving.

With the rise of smartphones and other wearable technologies, distracted driving has become a growing problem. Many accidents and near misses are caused by drivers who are distracted by their phones. This has created a growing movement advocating mono driving to make the roads safer for everyone.

A few special statistics about accidents caused by distraction:

According to recent studies, distraction is the cause of a significant percentage of all traffic accidents. In some countries, up to 25% of road accidents are directly related to distraction caused by mobile phone use. These statistics underline the importance of mono driving and traveling undisturbed.

"420 Euro fine for phone use behind the wheel"

Mono driving thanks to car phone holder

Look up music, meet online and watch films. These are a few examples of activities that are done while driving and do not contribute to safer traffic. You are not supposed to use your phone while driving, but for some activities such as turning on navigation it is very tempting. Therefore, always try to arrange these types of matters in advance.

By using a phone holder you can ensure that you can easily take a phone call without creating dangerous situations. A phone holder also ensures that getting a fine is no longer possible. The Public Prosecution Service also continues to increase the amount of traffic fines every year, so make sure that getting a fine no longer suits you.

Tips for safe mono riding:

Using apps like "AutoModus":
There are several apps available that encourage drivers not to use their phones while driving. An example of this is "AutoMode", which rewards drivers for every trip where they are not using their phone. Such apps can be an effective way to raise awareness and promote safe driving habits.

The importance of hands-free calling and short phone calls while driving:
If it is absolutely necessary to make or receive a phone call while driving, using hands-free systems is the safest option. However, even hands-free calling can be distracting, so it's best to keep conversations short and wait until you get to your destination if possible.

Put your phone on do not disturb:

Using a phone holder is a great advantage for your safety and can ensure that you drive mono. But it is important to put your phone on do not disturb, so that you are not disturbed by incoming notifications from other apps.

Other technologies and gadgets that can help promote mono riding:
In addition to apps, there are also other gadgets and technologies that can help promote safe driving. Examples include cars with advanced driver assistance systems that warn of possible dangers, or systems that automatically switch off the phone when the car is in motion.

By using a phone holder and ensuring that you spend less time behind your phone on the handlebars, you can now also say "I drive mono". Mono not only stands for your own safety, but the campaign is perhaps even more about the safety of others on the road.

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