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As someone who deals with technology and the needs of the elderly, I have recently been testing various senior mobile phones to determine which ones best meet the specific requirements of this target group. During testing, my focus was on several crucial aspects: ease of use, screen readability, button size, volume and sound quality, as well as additional features designed specifically for seniors.

The importance of a senior mobile phone in the lives of the elderly cannot be emphasized enough. These phones are not only a means of communication, but also provide a sense of security and connection. They are designed for simplicity and accessibility, making them ideal for those who struggle with small buttons or complicated menus of standard smartphones. View the best senior smartphones from our test below.

The Best Senior Cell Phones Highlighted

1. The Best Senior Mobile Phone of 2024: Senifone S1 Senior Smartphone

While testing various senior mobile phones, there were a number of things that we found most important. These included the button size and the extra features for the elderly. The senior smartphone from Senifone is the best senior smartphone of 2024. This is mainly due to the combination of the various key points in our research.

Pre-installed Apps

My experience with the Senifone S1 was extremely positive, especially thanks to the pre-installed apps. The smartphone comes with apps such as WhatsApp and Facebook, which are conveniently grouped into clear folders. This makes it easy for seniors to quickly access frequently used apps without having to search. The user interface is clear and simple, making the phone ready to use straight away.

Extra Large Buttons

What really sets the Senifone S1 apart are its extra-large buttons and user-friendly screen. The large icons are clearly visible and easy to touch, making navigation through the menu much easier, especially for seniors who may have problems with fine motor skills or vision.

SOS Emergency Button

A crucial feature of the Senifone S1 is the SOS button, prominently displayed on the home screen. This button can easily be set up to, for example, call family members or send a message in the event of an emergency. This feature provides added security and peace of mind for both the user and their loved ones.

2. The Best Senior Smartphone: Beafon M6s Senior Smartphone

The BeaFon M6S Plus is a good senior smartphone that combines convenience, security and functionality. Its dual SIM capacity, large screen and ability for family members to access it remotely make it a reliable and easy-to-use option for the elderly. This device meets the specific needs of seniors and provides them with a comfortable mobile experience.

Dual Sim

My testing experience with the BeaFon M6S Plus Senior Smartphone highlights the versatility of the Dual SIM function. This feature allows you to use two different phone numbers, which is particularly useful for seniors who want to keep their personal and emergency calls separate. During my testing, I noticed that switching between two SIM cards was seamless, which greatly increased the ease of use.

Large Display

The 6.26-inch display was one of the most impressive features of the BeaFon M6S Plus. The large screen size ensures a clear and readable display, which is essential for elderly people who have difficulty with small text. I've found that navigating menus, reading messages, and viewing photos is much easier on this larger screen.

Give family members remote access

A particularly practical feature of the BeaFon M6S Plus is the ability for family members to access the phone remotely. This can be vital in emergency situations. During testing, I especially appreciated this feature, as it provides an extra layer of security and peace of mind not only for the user themselves, but also for their family members.

3. Best user-friendly senior mobile: Doro 8100

The user-friendly software that the Doro 8100 offers ensures that this mobile phone is one of the best smartphones for the elderly. Ease of use is an important part for the elderly, especially if you are not the best with technology. You can easily apply your favorite settings to the smartphone for seniors. View the extensive features below.

Quality Camera

During my test with the Doro 8100, I was impressed by the high-quality camera. With a triple setup including a 13MP main lens, a 2MP portrait lens, and a 2MP macro lens, the device captured bright and vibrant photos. This functionality makes it easy for seniors to capture and share special moments without sacrificing image quality.


A special addition to the Doro 8100 is the built-in GPS function. This geolocation feature proved to be very useful not only for navigation purposes but also as a security feature. In the event of an emergency call, the location is automatically shared, providing an extra layer of security for the user.

Excellent Quality Sound

The sound of the Doro 8100 is remarkably clear and loud. This makes it a suitable choice for seniors with hearing problems. The phone is hearing aid compatible and uses HD Voice technology, making it easy to hear and be heard even in noisy environments. The loud ringtone is certainly something that offers an advantage.

4. Best senior cell phone with cord: Swissvoice S510M Case Senior Smartphone

Old or young, we all know the problem of losing our phone. Thanks to the included cord with this smartphone for seniors, it is possible to hang your phone around your neck. This way you always know where your phone is and you can use simple controls. In addition to the included cord, you can read more about the excellent functions of the Swissvoice senior telephone here.

Phone can Read and Dictate Text Messages

One of the most impressive features of the Swissvoice S510M that I tested is its ability to read and dictate text messages. This makes it easier for seniors to send and receive messages without having to read the small text or type it themselves. During my use, I found the speech-to-text functionality to be extremely accurate and easy to use, which greatly simplified the communication process.

Includes Nomad Case and Neck Strap

The Swissvoice S510M comes with a 'nomad case' and a neck strap, which offers significant added value. These accessories provide extra convenience and safety when carrying the phone. I tested the neck strap and found it very useful to always have the phone at hand, without worrying about losing it.

Powerful Ringtone

The Swissvoice S510M's powerful ringtone is an essential feature for seniors with hearing problems. During my testing, I found that the ringtone was loud enough to be audible in a variety of environments, even in busy outdoor scenes. This, combined with the vibration function, ensures that users do not miss important calls.

5. Best senior phone with large keys: Artfone C1+ - 4G Phone

When looking for a new phone, many seniors prefer a smartphone with physical buttons. The Artfone smartphone offers the possibility to use apps that require a 4G function and at the same time use the usual physical buttons. This way you can text with your grandson in the old familiar way. View the other benefits of the Artfone senior telephone below.

Convenient Charging Station

When testing the Artfone C1+, I immediately noticed the practical charging station. This station is not only useful for charging the phone, but also acts as a permanent place where the phone can always be found. This is ideal for seniors who do not carry their phone with them all the time and reduces the chance of it being lost or forgotten.

4G Functionality

The Artfone C1+ supports 4G, which guarantees a fast and reliable internet connection. During my testing, I noticed that this connectivity made a big difference in using apps and the internet. This functionality makes the new senior smartphone a modern option for seniors who not only want to call and text, but also want to use internet functions.

Big Buttons

Another important feature of the Artfone C1+ is the presence of large buttons, which significantly increases ease of use. The large, backlit keys are easy to see and press, even for users with limited dexterity or poor vision.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Best Senior Cell Phones

What is an easy smartphone for the elderly?

An easy smartphone for the elderly is a device that is specifically designed for simplicity and ease of use. These phones often have larger buttons, a clear and readable screen, simple menus and additional assistance functions such as speech-to-text and an SOS emergency button. Some models also offer hearing aid compatibility and amplified sound volume. Examples of such smartphones include the Doro series, the Swissvoice S510M and the Senifone S1, all of which offer features that help the elderly stay in touch with their loved ones easily and effectively.

What is a senior mobile?

A senior mobile is a mobile phone designed to meet the specific needs of elderly users. These mobile phones are distinguished by their simplicity, larger buttons and display, and often simplified interface. In addition to basic functions such as calling and texting, they usually include additional safety features such as an SOS button, which immediately calls a pre-programmed number in the event of an emergency. Senior cell phones can be either traditional feature phones or more advanced smartphones, depending on the user's preference and needs.

Which iPhone is suitable for seniors?

For seniors who prefer an iPhone, models like the iPhone SE are often a good choice. These iPhones combine a relatively compact size with a powerful processor and a user-friendly interface. iPhones offer accessibility features like VoiceOver for voice feedback, Magnifier to see things better, and the ability to adjust text size and contrast. They also offer the option of emergency SOS and Medical ID for quick access to emergency services and important medical information. The most important thing when choosing an iPhone for seniors is that the user is comfortable with a touchscreen and the iOS operating system.

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