Top 8 Best Mice of 2024 | The Best Mouse for Every Situation!

Top 8 Best Mice of 2024 | The Best Mouse for Every Situation!

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Welcome to our blog, where we take you on a journey of discovery to the best mice of 2024. Whether you are a professional who spends long hours in front of the computer, a gamer looking for a competitive advantage, or just someone who is looking to a comfortable and efficient mouse, we've got you covered. In this article, we will introduce you to some of the most advanced and impressive mice available on the market today.

From ergonomic design and precise tracking to programmable buttons and wireless connectivity, we'll explore the features and benefits of these top mice. So, if you're looking for the perfect companion for your digital adventures, keep reading and find out which mice will take the cake in 2024.

Top 8 best mice at a glance:

  1. Best mouse of 2024 - Logitech M705 - Wireless Marathon Mouse - USB - Right-handed - Gray
  2. Best gaming mouse - Logitech G502 HERO - Wired Gaming Mouse - 25K DPI - Right-handed - Black
  3. Best ergonomic mouse - Trust Verto - Wireless Mouse - Ergonomic - Black
  4. Best silent mouse - Logitech M220 Silent - Wireless Mouse - Gray
  5. Best cheap mouse - Trust Carve - Wired Mouse - Optical - USB - Black
  6. Best Luxury Mouse - Logitech MX Master 3S - Mouse - Black
  7. Best left-handed mouse - Logitech Signature M650 L - Wireless Mouse - Left Handed - Graphite
  8. Best Macbook mouse - Apple Magic Mouse 2 - Wireless Mouse / Bluetooth / White

The 8 Best Mice explained:

1. The Best Mouse of 2024: Logitech M705 - Wireless Marathon Mouse

Logitech M705 Best mouse

The Logitech M705 is the best choice when it comes to computer mice in 2024. This ergonomically designed mouse is specially made for right-handed users and provides a comfortable grip for long periods of use. With its gray finish, the mouse has a sleek and modern appearance.

Compared to other Logitech models, it is also affordable for the quality you ultimately get. The other (more expensive) models may have more options, but in our opinion this is the mouse with the best price-quality ratio. Partly because of this, the Logitech M705 ends up at number 1!


  1. Long-lasting battery life : The M705 is equipped with an efficient power system that extends battery life. With a single AA battery, this mouse can last up to three years, meaning you rarely need to replace the battery.
  2. Accurate tracking : The precision of the laser tracking ensures that the mouse can move smoothly and accurately over various surfaces, including glass. This makes the M705 versatile and suitable for different work and gaming environments.
  3. Programmable buttons : The convenient programmable buttons on the mouse let you customize keyboard shortcuts and functions to suit your specific needs and workflow. This increases productivity and makes using the mouse more efficient.


  1. Limited compatibility : While the Logitech M705 is an excellent mouse, it is important to note that this mouse is specifically designed for right-handed use.

2. Best gaming mouse - Logitech G502 HERO - Wired Gaming Mouse - 25K DPI - Right-handed - Black

Logitech G502 Best gaming mouse

The Logitech G502 HERO is equipped with advanced technologies that make it a favorite choice among gamers. With its Hero 25K sensor, the mouse delivers unprecedented accuracy and tracking, even at high DPI settings. This ensures smooth and responsive movements, ideal for fast actions and precision in games.

In addition to the programmable buttons already mentioned, the G502 HERO has a number of other useful functions. For example, it has an adjustable scroll wheel with hyper-fast scrolling, allowing you to quickly navigate through long web pages or documents. Additionally, the mouse offers customizable RGB lighting, allowing you to personalize its look and match it with the rest of your gaming setup.

The G502 HERO's ergonomic design is specifically aimed at right-handed users, with a comfortable grip and intuitive button placement. Additionally, the mouse comes with a customizable weight system, allowing you to add or remove weight modules to fine-tune the mouse to your preferences and playing style.

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  1. High DPI and precision : With a DPI range of up to 25,000, the G502 HERO provides ultra-precise tracking and responsive cursor movements. This allows gamers to perform quick and precise actions, giving them an advantage in competitive games.
  2. Programmable buttons : The mouse has multiple programmable buttons that can be customized as desired. This allows gamers to assign keyboard shortcuts, macros and other functions, optimizing gameplay and improving response time.
  3. Adjustable weight system : The G502 HERO comes with a weight system that allows you to adjust the weight of the mouse. This allows gamers to tailor the mouse to their personal preferences and playing style, making gaming more comfortable.


  1. Wired connection : While some gamers prefer wired mice for their faster response time, the G502 HERO's wired connection may be a limitation for those who prefer wireless freedom while gaming.

3. Best ergonomic mouse - Trust Verto - Wireless Mouse - Ergonomic - Black

Trust Verto Best ergonomic mouse

The Trust Verto Wireless Mouse is the most comfortable and best ergonomic mouse, ideal for people who work at the computer for long periods of time. The ergonomic design supports the natural position of your hand and reduces strain. The wireless function provides more freedom of movement and less cable clutter.

The mouse has a long battery life and is easy to connect via the included USB receiver. Precise optical tracking and adjustable sensitivity let you navigate smoothly and precisely. Programmable buttons add extra functionality.

The Trust Verto is sturdy and durable, with a sleek black design. In short, the Trust Verto Wireless Mouse offers comfort, functionality and reliability for an improved user experience.

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  1. Ergonomic design : The Trust Verto has been specifically designed with ergonomics in mind. It provides comfort and support for your hand and wrist, making long-term use less stressful. This can help prevent hand and wrist complaints, such as RSI.
  2. Wireless freedom : The mouse's wireless function allows you to move freely without being bothered by cables. This ensures a tidy desk and more flexibility in your workspace.
  3. Customizable functions : The Trust Verto features programmable buttons that allow you to assign specific functions and shortcuts. This allows you to optimize your workflow and work more efficiently.


  1. Battery replacement : Although the Trust Verto has a long battery life, you may need to replace the batteries occasionally. This may be seen as a disadvantage for some users, especially if they prefer rechargeable mice without replaceable batteries.

    4. Best Silent Mouse – Logitech M220 Silent – ​​Wireless Mouse – Gray

    Logitech M220 Best Quiet Mouse

    The Logitech M220 Silent is a wireless mouse known for its quiet operation. It minimizes clicking noise by more than 90% compared to standard mice, allowing you to work undisturbed without disturbing others.

    The wireless function provides more freedom of movement and the mouse has an impressive battery life of 18 months. The ergonomic design provides comfort and the optical tracking ensures precise navigation on different surfaces.

    In short, the Logitech M220 Silent is the best choice for a quiet working environment in 2024.


    1. Quiet operation : The Logitech M220 Silent is designed with advanced technology to reduce clicking noise by more than 90%. This ensures a quiet working environment and prevents you from disturbing others with the sound of mouse clicks.
    2. Wireless Function : The wireless function of the mouse allows you to move freely without the restrictions of cables. This gives you more flexibility and ensures a tidy desk without clutter of wires.
    3. Long battery life : The Logitech M220 Silent has an impressive 18-month battery life, giving you extended use of the mouse before needing to replace the batteries. This is convenient and ensures that you are not constantly replacing the batteries.


    1. Symmetrical design : Although the mouse's symmetrical design is suitable for both left- and right-handed users, it may feel less comfortable for some people than a mouse designed specifically for one hand.

      5. Best Cheap Mouse - Trust Carve - Wired Mouse - Optical - USB - Black

      Trust Carve Best Cheap Mouse

      The Trust Carve is a wired optical mouse known for its affordable price and solid performance. It is an ideal choice for those looking for a budget-friendly mouse without sacrificing functionality.

      The wired design eliminates the need for batteries and ensures a reliable and constant connection. The mouse's optical tracking provides precise cursor control on different surfaces. The design of the Trust Carve is ergonomic and comfortable. It has a symmetrical design, making it suitable for both left and right-handed users.

      When it comes to the best cheap mouse in 2024, the Trust Carve offers a reliable and affordable option. While it may not have all the advanced features that more expensive mice offer, it's a solid choice for users looking for a basic, budget-friendly mouse without the frills.


      1. Affordability : The Trust Carve is known for its affordable price, making it an attractive choice for those on a budget who still want a functional mouse.
      2. Plug-and-play functionality : The USB connection allows you to easily connect the mouse to your computer without having to install additional software. This makes it easy to use.
      3. Ergonomic design : The Trust Carve has an ergonomic design that provides comfort during use. It fits well in the hand and is suitable for both left and right-handed users.


      1. Limited advanced features : Compared to more expensive mice, the Trust Carve may not have the same advanced features and sensors. This can be a disadvantage for users looking for more advanced functionality such as programmable buttons or customizable DPI settings. Still, this is to be expected if you are looking for the best cheap mouse.

        6. Best Luxury Mouse – Logitech MX Master 3S – Mouse – Black

        Logitech MX Master Best Luxury Mouse

        The Logitech MX Master 3S is a high-end mouse known for its luxurious features and superior performance. It is designed for demanding users looking for a mouse with advanced functionality and ergonomic comfort.

        The MX Master 3S offers exceptional precision and speed thanks to the advanced Darkfield laser sensor, which allows you to work on virtually any surface, even glass. With the ability to adjust up to 4,000 dpi, you can tailor the cursor response to your personal preference.

        A standout feature of the MX Master 3S is its ergonomic design that has been developed to be comfortable even during extended use. It has a perfect shape and provides support to your hand and wrist, reducing fatigue. Plus, it has a range of programmable buttons and customizable features to optimize your workflow.

        The MX Master 3S uses wireless connectivity via the included USB receiver or via Bluetooth, giving you flexibility in your connection options. It also has an impressive battery life of up to 70 days on a single charge, allowing you to work for long periods without having to worry about recharging.


        1. Advanced Performance : The MX Master 3S uses an advanced Darkfield laser sensor that provides exceptional precision and speed, even on difficult surfaces such as glass. Adjustable DPI settings let you tailor the cursor response to your needs.
        2. Ergonomic comfort : The mouse is designed with ergonomics in mind, providing a comfortable grip and support for your hand and wrist. This ensures long-term use without discomfort or fatigue.
        3. Customizable features : The MX Master 3S has an array of programmable buttons and customizable features that optimize your workflow. It allows you to set up shortcuts and useful macros to complete tasks more efficiently.


        1. High price : A potential disadvantage of the MX Master 3S is its price, which is higher compared to other mice on the market. This may make it less accessible for users on a budget.

        7. Best Left Handed Mouse – Logitech Signature M650 L – Wireless Mouse – Left Handed – Graphite

        Best left-handed mouse

        The Logitech Signature M650 L is specially designed for left-handed users and offers a comfortable and ergonomic experience. It is ideal for people who operate their mouse with the left hand and want the functionality typical of right-handed mice.

        The M650 L has a symmetrical design that fits perfectly in the left hand. It provides a smooth surface and ergonomic shape, allowing left-handed users to work comfortably, without discomfort or fatigue during long-term use.

        The Logitech Signature M650 L is the ideal choice for left-handed users who want a comfortable and ergonomic mouse with all the features they need. It offers the ability to adjust the mouse to personal preferences and working conditions, making it a reliable and convenient option for everyday use.


        1. Specially designed for left-handed users : The M650 L is specially designed to meet the needs of left-handed users, with a comfortable grip and ergonomic design that fits perfectly in the left hand.
        2. Wireless Connectivity : With 2.4 GHz wireless technology, the mouse provides a reliable and responsive wireless connection, giving you more freedom of movement and a tidy desk.
        3. Customizable features : The M650 L has programmable buttons and customizable DPI settings, allowing you to tailor the mouse to your personal preferences and working conditions.
        1. Not for right-handed users : This mouse is specially designed for left-handed users. This ensures that right-handed people cannot use this mouse.

          8. Best Macbook mouse - Apple Magic Mouse 2 - Wireless Mouse / Bluetooth / White

          Best macbook mouse

          The Apple Magic Mouse 2 is a wireless mouse designed specifically for use with MacBook computers. With its sleek and minimalist design, it fits perfectly with the aesthetics of Apple products. The surface of the mouse is touch sensitive and supports multi-touch functionality, allowing you to scroll, zoom and swipe with ease.

          It connects wirelessly to your MacBook via Bluetooth and has a rechargeable battery. The Magic Mouse 2 offers smooth and responsive tracking, allowing you to make precise cursor movements while working on your MacBook.

          With its functionality and style, the Apple Magic Mouse 2 is an excellent choice for MacBook users looking for an advanced and seamless mouse experience.


          1. Sleek and minimalist design : The Magic Mouse 2 has a sleek and minimalist design that fits seamlessly with the style of MacBook computers. The sleek white appearance and smooth design give it a modern and stylish look.
          2. Multi-touch functionality : The Magic Mouse 2 uses a touch-sensitive surface, making it easy to scroll, zoom and swipe. Intuitive multi-touch gestures let you navigate web pages and documents effortlessly.
          3. Wireless connectivity and rechargeable battery : The mouse connects wirelessly to your MacBook via Bluetooth, eliminating the hassle of cables and giving you more freedom of movement. In addition, the Magic Mouse 2 has a built-in rechargeable battery, so you don't have to use disposable batteries.


            1. Not very ergonomic : One disadvantage of the Magic Mouse 2 is that its design is not very ergonomic. It has a flat shape with no palm support, which may cause discomfort during long-term use for some users.

              The top 10 best-selling mice on

              We hope that after these top 6 you have gained more insights into the best mice available in 2024. However, this does not necessarily mean that your ideal mouse is among them. No problem! Below you will find the link to the 10 best-selling mice on

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              Frequently asked questions about the best mouse of 2024:

              Which mice have the best tracking capabilities on different surfaces?

              For graphic design and photo editing, there are several mice that are appreciated for their precision and functionality. Here are some of the best mice that are often recommended for these tasks:

              • Logitech MX Master 3 : This mouse has high precision, programmable buttons and an ergonomic design. It offers smooth tracking and is suitable for both left and right-handed users.

              • Wacom Intuos Pro : Although technically a drawing tablet, the Wacom Intuos Pro is often used for graphic design and photo editing. It offers pressure sensitivity and accurate pen input, which is useful when working with graphics software.

              • Razer DeathAdder Elite : This mouse is popular among gamers, but is also appreciated in graphic design and photo editing for its high DPI and precise tracking. It has an ergonomic design and programmable buttons.

              • Microsoft Surface Precision Mouse : This mouse offers precise tracking, programmable buttons, and an ergonomic design. It also has the ability to switch seamlessly between multiple devices, which can be useful for designers working with different systems.

              • Apple Magic Mouse 2 : Specifically for Mac users, the Apple Magic Mouse 2 offers a sleek design, touch-based controls, and intuitive functionality. It is optimized for use with Apple software and devices.

              It is important to note that the best mouse for graphic design and photo editing depends on individual preferences and the user's specific workflow. It may be helpful to consult reviews and recommendations, and if possible, try the mice yourself before making a final decision.

              What should I look for when buying the best mouse?

              When buying the best mouse, there are several factors you can consider to ensure the mouse meets your specific needs. Here are some important points to keep in mind:

              • Purpose and use : Consider what you will mainly use the mouse for. Are you a gamer, a graphic designer, a programmer or a general user? Each of these user groups has different requirements, such as precision, programmable buttons, ergonomics, and so on.
              • Ergonomics : Make sure the mouse fits comfortably in your hand and that the design is suitable for your hand size and grip style. Ergonomic mice are designed to reduce discomfort and fatigue during extended use.
              • Connectivity : Consider whether you want a wireless or wired mouse. Wireless mice offer more freedom of movement, while wired mice do not require batteries and often have a direct connection.
              • Tracking and sensitivity : Check the mouse's tracking capabilities, such as DPI (dots per inch) or CPI (counts per inch). The higher the DPI/CPI, the more accurate the cursor movement. This is especially important for gamers and graphic designers.
              • Programmable buttons : If you want extra functionality and customization options, look for mice with programmable buttons. This allows you to assign shortcuts and custom commands for a more efficient workflow.
              • Compatibility : Make sure the mouse is compatible with your operating system (Windows, Mac, Linux, etc.) and that any additional software or drivers are readily available.
              • Reviews and Recommendations : Read reviews and recommendations from other users to better understand the performance, durability, and reliability of the mouse you are considering.

              It's always a good idea to try out a mouse before purchasing, if possible. This can help you determine if the mouse feels comfortable and meets your specific needs.

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