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Universal phone holder motorcycle

Are you looking for a universal motorcycle phone holder that fits every motorcycle and is suitable for every phone? Then take a look at the range of phone holders from R2B Store.

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R2B Robust Bike Phone Holder, mtb, scooter and motorcycle with safety lock - Model Delft


R2B Robust phone holder bike, for scooter and motorcycle waterproof - Model Leiden


R2B Bicycle Phone Holder, for scooter and motorcycle waterproof - Model The Hague - Black


Phone holder bike, scooter and motorcycle with elastic system - Model Rotterdam


R2B Waterproof Phone Holder Bicycle - Also suitable for scooter and motorcycle - Model The Hague - Black/Red


R2B Phone Holder Bicycle, for scooter and motorcycle waterproof - Model The Hague - Black/Blue


Universal phone holder motorcycle and more!

Our holders are suitable for bicycles, scooters and motorcycles. Choose from phone holders that you can easily attach with a click system, waterproof phone holders and holders with 360 degree rotation. In our store you will always find a phone holder that meets your wishes and requirements. Which holder will you be traveling with soon?

Smartphone holder motor suitable for any type of motor

Do you want a universal motorcycle phone holder that is suitable for every type of motorcycle and that is also easy to attach? Then our phone holder for your motorcycle is exactly what you are looking for! Whatever brand or type of phone you have, they all fit perfectly in our phone holder. The smart universal design protects your phone against wind, rain, drops and bumps while on the motorcycle. Buy a universal motorcycle phone holder and easily navigate to any destination through the most extreme conditions.

The best universal phone holder of 2023!

The best phone holder for motorcycles is available at R2B Store. After testing various models, a selection was made of only the best phone holders. An advantage of buying the best phone holder from R2B Store is that they are suitable for most smartphones, whether you have a Huawei p smart, Samsung Galaxy or an iPhone 11. The best phone holder for your motorcycle ensures that your smartphone sits firmly in the phone holder. Wireless charging is not possible with the phone holders, but there is room everywhere to plug your wire into your phone.

What distinguishes the R2B Store motor holders compared to other motor holders?

There are many different types of phone holders for motorcycles, such as the ram mount, sp connect and quad lock. The "The Hague" model distinguishes itself from the competition by its waterproof model, which allows you to safely take your phone with you on the road even on rainy days, and you can also easily continue navigating. The ram mount has four spring arms while the "Delft" model from R2B Store consists of universal clamps that are suitable for attaching any telephone. Furthermore, the "Delft" model has rubber tips that help to attach the motorcycle phone holders to the different types of handlebars.

Choose your best motorcycle phone holder now!

With this mobile phone holder motor you always have your phone nearby and you can easily navigate to all destinations. Therefore, buy your motorcycle phone holder in our store now and benefit from fast service. You also benefit from free shipping when you order the package in the Netherlands. Are you not satisfied with the product? Then you can easily return it within 30 days. If you have any questions or would like more information about our products, please send an email to info@r2bstore.nl.