Charge your phone in the car with the Best Magsafe Car Holder!

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In our recent series of tests, we examined several MagSafe car mounts to identify the most functional and reliable options. With the increasing reliance on smartphones for navigation and communication, it is essential to have a stable and secure place for your device. A good MagSafe car holder minimizes distractions while driving through a sturdy mounting and makes using your iPhone on the road easier and safer.

During our evaluation, we paid attention to the magnetic strength, ease of installation, compatibility with various iPhone models, charging capacity, and the overall build quality of the holders. These factors are crucial for ensuring optimal functionality and durability. In our upcoming blog posts we will share detailed reviews of each model tested, to help you make an informed choice for a MagSafe car mount that will enhance your driving experience.

The top 5 best MagSafe Car holders at a glance

1. Best MagSafe Car Holder of 2024: iSetchi Phone Holder with Qi Wireless Charger Car

A handy magsafe car holder is crucial in every car nowadays. In addition to safely storing your phone, you can now also charge your phone! But even if you don't want to charge your phone, it is possible to connect your mobile phone to the mangeet. See below why iSetchi has the best magsafe car holder on the market!

Includes 2 Charging Cables

One of the most useful features of the iSetchi Phone Holder is that it comes with two charging cables: a USB-C to USB-C cable and a USB-A to USB-C cable. During our testing we used both cables depending on the port type available in the car. The flexibility to switch between cables makes the holder compatible with virtually any vehicle, making on-the-go charging simple and efficient.

Both for Dashboard and Ventilation

The versatility of the iSetchi holder is further enhanced by the dual-mount option. We have attached the holder to both the ventilation grille and the dashboard. The mounting system is robust and the holder remained stable in both positions, even on bumpy roads. The ability to position the holder as desired is a big plus, especially for drivers who prefer a specific placement that does not obstruct the view of the road.

Suitable for All Phones by Magnetic Plate

A notable advantage of the iSetchi Phone Holder is its universality thanks to the supplied magnetic plate. This plate can easily be attached to any smartphone, making the device compatible with the MagSafe function of the holder. Throughout our testing we used several phone models, and each model was held securely by the holder's strong magnetic grip. In addition, the Qi charging function provides a fast and wireless charging experience, making this holder ideal for long journeys where your phone is actively used for navigation and music.

2. Best universal magsafe car holder: VOTIQ® Car holder suitable for MagSafe

A magsafe car holder can charge your iPhone wirelessly, thanks to magsafe accessories you can also ensure that other devices can be charged in combination with this holder. The Votiq car holder is available in different colors, making it easy to find something that matches your interior. View all colors now!

Sturdy MagSafe Grip

The Votiq MagSafe Car Holder is distinguished by its remarkably firm grip. Our testing showed just how powerful the magnetic mount is, which kept our iPhones firmly in place even while traveling over rough surfaces. The strong MagSafe connection ensures that the phone does not shift or fall, which contributes to a safe driving experience.

Available in Different Colors

An attractive aspect of the Votiq MagSafe Car Holder is that it is available in different colors. This option makes it possible to make a choice that best suits the interior of your car or your personal preferences. It's a fun way to personalize your car accessories without sacrificing functionality.

360 Degree Rotatable

The 360-degree rotatability of the Votiq Car Holder has proven to be extremely useful. This feature allowed us to adjust the angle of the phone easily. Whether you need to tilt the phone horizontally for a better view of maps, or vertically for reading messages, the flexibility of this holder ensures a comfortable and customizable using experience.

3. Best MagSafe Phone Holder: Belkin Boost-up Charge

This car charger promises seamless integration with MagSafe-compatible iPhones and an efficient charging experience while driving. From iPhone 12 or newer it is possible to charge your phone via Magsafe. Thanks to the built-in magnets, your phone can stay magnetically against the holder. View the other specifications of the phone holder below.

Compatible thanks to MagSafe Cases

One of the most attractive features of the Belkin Boost Up Charge Car Charger is its full compatibility with MagSafe cases. During our testing, we confirmed that the charger works perfectly with various MagSafe-certified cases without sacrificing charging efficiency or magnetic adhesion.

Easy to attach

Mounting the charger in the vehicle was a piece of cake thanks to the included car adapter and the strong, flexible arm that is easy to position. The magnetic holder makes inserting and removing the iPhone effortless.

Optimal Charging Speed ​​and Safety

The charger supports fast charging for iPhones, which means your battery will be replenished quickly, even during short journeys. During our testing days, we noticed that our iPhones charged surprisingly quickly, going from almost empty to 50% in about thirty minutes. Additionally, the charger's safety features such as overheat protection and voltage monitoring provide peace of mind that both the charger and smartphone are protected from any electrical issues.

4. Best MagSafe car holder with suction cup: Innova Phone Holder

Many users of a phone holder for the car use a suction cup on the window or on the dashboard. The Innova phone holder with MagSafe had the best suction cup during testing. We could easily mount the suction cup on the window or on a flat surface of the dashboard. See below what the other nice functionalities of this holder are.

Automatic Opening and Closing

One of the most impressive features of the Innova Phone Holder is its automatic opening and closing system. This feature is activated by an infrared sensor that detects when a phone is nearby. In our testing, this mechanism worked seamlessly: Placing the phone near the holder activates the arms, which automatically open and clamp the phone securely once it's placed in the holder. Removing the phone is equally easy; a slight movement near the sensor causes the arms to release.

Sturdy Suction Cup

The mounting of the Innova Phone Holder is equipped with an extremely sturdy suction cup, which can be attached to multiple surfaces, such as the dashboard or windshield. Even when driving over bumpy roads or during abrupt maneuvers, the holder remained firmly in place with no signs of loosening.

Anti-Slip Silicone

The grip of the holder is reinforced with non-slip silicone pads, which ensure that the phone can be held securely and without scratches. These silicone pads gently but firmly hug the phone, preventing shifts or falls even in rough driving conditions.

5. Best MagSafe charger for the car: CoverMore Phone Holders Car with Suction Cup + Ventilation Grille

Finally, we discuss the magsafe car charger from CoverMore. Thanks to the magnetic connection, you can easily connect the iPhone. For example, you can use your navigation and charge your phone at the same time. This distinguishes the CoverMore phone holder compared to various car holders.

Versatile Mounting Options

One of the most striking features of this MagSafe car holder is the flexibility in mounting options. The holder can be attached to the ventilation grille, the window, the dashboard or on a desk, thanks to the supplied suction cup and clamp. The suction cup provides a robust grip on the dashboard and window, while the clamp hooks securely to the ventilation grille without causing damage.

Reliable and Fast Wireless Charging Function

This MagSafe car holder is not only a holder, but also serves as a powerful 15W wireless charger. Wireless charging works great with compatible iPhone models, including the iPhone 12, 13 and 14 and 15 series. During our testing period, the cradle charged our iPhones quickly and efficiently, even on shorter trips.

Stable and Secure Grip

The stability of the MagSafe car holder was another highlight. The magnetic attachment is extremely strong, and held our iPhones securely without any wobbling or sliding. This is crucial for using navigation apps or answering calls safely, where a stable view of the screen is necessary.

Frequently asked questions about the best MagSafe Car Holder

How does MagSafe charging work?

MagSafe charging works using a series of magnets around a central charging coil that perfectly aligns the charger and your compatible iPhone for efficient wireless charging. The MagSafe charger uses inductive charging technology, where current is transferred via magnetic fields between the coil in the charger and a receiving coil in the phone.

Once the charger comes close to a compatible phone, the built-in magnets snap into place so the phone is positioned just right for maximum charging power, resulting in faster and more reliable charging than traditional wireless chargers.

Is MagSafe good for your battery?

MagSafe charging is designed to be safe and efficient, just like other certified wireless charging technologies. It provides a reliable and stable way of charging that should not cause any damage to the battery. MagSafe chargers have built-in features to prevent the battery from overheating, one of the primary concerns with any charging technology. Additionally, MagSafe technology automatically adjusts the optimal power for the specific device, keeping the battery healthy. So regular charging with a MagSafe charger will not negatively impact battery health any more than any other modern charging technology.

Which phone has MagSafe?

MagSafe was introduced by Apple and is available on the iPhone 12 series and later. This includes the iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max, and newer models like the iPhone 13 series, iPhone 14 series, and iPhone 15 series. These devices all have the necessary hardware integrated into the back of the phone, making them compatible with MagSafe accessories and chargers. MagSafe uses a series of magnets arranged around the wireless charging coil to securely attach the phone to the MagSafe charger and ensure optimal charging.